A recent poster in the Xiaomi forums may have been the first signal the giant company is getting into a new market, Drones. The aesthetics of the posters revealed a silhouette that allegedly will be the newest flying Xiaomi product, a drone called ‘Mi.’

Xiaomi Inc. is a private Chinese company specialized in consumer electronics and hardware, including from smartphones to cooking devices, and is the fifth largest smartphone maker in the Asian market. The company actually is the  holder of a Guinness record for most mobile phones sold on a single online platform in 24 hours. An achievement made last year, selling more than 2 million devices.

The object will apparently be part of the 'Mi' series
The object will apparently be part of the ‘Mi’ series, a range of electronic products and services produced by Xiaomi. Image Credit: Engadget

Considering that drones is the latest trend in the technology panorama, most tech experts were expecting Xiaomi to start building hardware and software for this industry. And probably the company will fulfill the expectations. In the end of the original post that dropped the hints, the author, a Xiaomi spokesmen wrote:

Something wonderful and cool is flying to us very soon.  A Bamboo-copter? In China, it’s the earliest flying toys consisted of feathers at the end of a stick, which was rapidly spun between the hands and released into flight.  Shall we discover the world with Mi_________________________ ?


The object will apparently be part of the ‘Mi’ series, a range of electronic products and services produced by Xiaomi. The product line includes tablets, smartphones, Smart TV services, a cloud storage service, routers, external batteries, home-tech like water purifier and scales, fitness monitors and sleep trackers as well as an operating system and a messaging service.

The mysterious object will be released on May 25th and mi.com is the web platform where all details will be available once the product is released.

The drone may have some interesting features, like 4K video capture and gesture control, considering that the newest box game with Android TV includes 4K video, so the technology is not strange to the company.

However, is not until May 25th that people will know the details of the product -and actually discover if it is a drone what they are releasing. All theories so far, since Xiaomi has not confirmed any of the rumors or responded to any of the reactions on the internet. At 7pm, Beijing time, the company will show the first sight of the product. Probably it will be offered first in Asian market before taking the product to international markets.

Other Xiaomi activity

In May, the company also launched an update to MIUI, the Xiaomi’s operating system, and most popular software.  Also, it was announced a partnership with Google to launch some MI series products in U.S. territory, and Mi Box will be the first one, offering hardware and software for streaming TV shows.

Source: Miui