On Monday, simultaneous and coordinated bombings attacked the cities of Tartus and Jabla in the Mediterranean coastal region. According to state declarations around 78 victims have been found dead.

The series of deadly attacks occurred in a commonly calm area of the country that has been categorized as loyal to the Syrian President Bashar-al-Assad. The attacks took place nearby Russian troops’ bases to support the Syrian government.

More than 100 people killed in series of coordinated 'Islamic State' terrorist attacks
More than 100 people killed in series of coordinated ‘Islamic State’ terrorist attacks in both Tartus and Jabla. Image Credit: Middle East Observer

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attacks. Yet the Syrian state has blamed the Islamist rebel group Ahrar al-Sham assuring the United States is supporting the rebel group.

Deadly attacks increase international tension in Syria

The attacks initiated as an organized operation that included suicide bombers and car bombs in two different cities of the country. The city of Tartous was hit by three explosions. And the city of Jabla was also hit by four other attacks  nearby a Russian air base that has been present for the five-year conflict in support of the Syrian president.

So far, investigations have proven the target of the bombings wasn’t the Russian base. Instead, civilians are suspected to be the main target. The bombarded scenes were common and crowded places in a daily basis.

Attacked cities were taken by storm 

The city of Jabla was first hit with an explosion in a crowded bus station and later on attacks hit a hospital’s emergency entrance. The attacks also hit an electricity office that belonged to the Syrian government. The city of Tartous was then hit by suicide bombers. First, in a busy bus station and in a crowded residential neighborhood later on.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights – a UK based observatory that works with activists in the city – has assured the number of victims. Until know, there are 121 people deceased, according  to the SOHR’s report. Counting up to 73 dead in Jabla and 48 in Tartus, which differs from the official state numbers.

As seen above, the aftermath of the suicide bombings left not only over 100 casualties reported on site
As seen above, the aftermath of the suicide bombings left not only over 100 casualties reported on site. But also plenty of unanswered questions as officials continue investigating the case. Image Credit: Senegal Actu

For the last three months an attempt of cease-fire has been implemented in Syria. However, tensions continue to escalate in the country

After the attacks occurred, Russia assured they meant nothing but the weakness the country is suffering.“Growing tensions and such terrorists activities cannot but cause increased worries,” said Dmitry Peskov.

It’s worth mentioning that Peskov is a spokesman for the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Peskov is involved in the matter while assuring that the peace process in Syria must continue.

While the Islamic State takes the blame, others refuse to have taken part in Monday’s suicide bombings

The United States government assured it has no relation with the rebel group of Ahrar al-Sham, since it’s related to al-Qaeda. Yet it criticized the labeling of the group as ‘terrorist’ made by the Russian government.

The rebel group denied its participation on the massive bombing on twitter assuring they do not target civilians on their strikes. Just two days ago, the Islamic state encouraged their followers to endure terrorist attacks to their enemies. Such request was recently made known to IS’s followers because Ramadan is close to the date.

The deadly attacks are being seen as a response to explode more chaos in Syria not only in opposition of the current government of Syrian President Bashar-al-Assad, but as an effort to sparkle international tension between Russia, the United States and the country’s observing the situation in Syria.

Source: Washington Post