One of the biggest wrestling stars of the ’80s and ’90s, Steve Borden, commonly known as Sting, reportedly is set to retire from the ring. After suffering a serious neck injury back in September 2015, during a match against Seth Rollins, many people speculated that his career as a wrestler will be over. Now, it seems that day has arrived.

TMZ reported that the 56-year-old former WCW Champion was formally diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis, a condition that affects the nerves and can result in extreme pain and discomfort.

Steve Borden, also known as Sting, may retire from the ring after suffering a severe neck injury back in September 2015. Credit:

Last December, Sting appeared on Ric Flair’s podcast and admitted that he needed surgery.

“I have two areas in my neck where the spinal canal, which holds the spinal cord, it’s kind of choked off in two different locations. Lucky that a catastrophe didn’t happen that night, long story short. I’ve gotta go get it fixed,” the wrestler said.

Sources linked to Sting told TMZ that he had been evaluated by several doctors, but all of them agree that it is just too risky for the wrestler to get back in the ring. So, he has decided to hang up his singlet.

Sting has not made the official announcement yet, but according to TMZ, he may make it official next month at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in Texas, when he will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Not the first WWE superstar retired because of neck problems

Cervical spinal stenosis was the same condition that forced WWE superstar Edge to retire in 2011. At the moment, Edge had surgery to put 3 plates on his neck.

Edge, who was famous for performing in TONS of ladder matches during his career, said he is not bitter about the retiremet. In fact, he’s still very involved with the WWE.

Source: TMZ