The gigantic reptile was found last Thursday by Malaysian workers in a construction site, hiding under a tree on the island of Penang. The python died on Sunday 11th.

A 26 feet (8 meters) long python was found in Malaysia, weighing around 551 pounds (250 kilograms) the Phyton reticulate has discovered pregnant after  laying an egg before dying.

A team of personnel workers for the Malaysian Civil Defence Department (JPAM) were called after being announced about the presence of the reptile.

Members of Malaysia’s civil defense force pose with the python. Image: Herme Herisyam, Malaysia’s Civil Defence Force. Credit: Gizmodo

Reticulated python or python reticulatus

This species of python os commonly found in South Asia and it has been widely categorized as the world’s  longest snake and reptile, it also figures the 4th spot on the heaviest reptile’s list. The reticulated python is a non venomous snake and is not considered dangerous to human beings. Regardless of its force and power.

These species of snakes are also great swimmers and are reported to have colonized many small islands around its location. Herme Herisyam, operations chief for Penang’s Civil Defence Department in the Southwest district of Penang, told BBC News the snake died after laying eggs on Sunday in a ‘quiet’ way.

The snake has been rumored to be the world’s largest python in caption. Previously the title belonged to ‘Medusa’ a reticulated python recovered in Missouri that weighs 158 kilograms and has a 7.67-meter length. Even though the reptile hasn’t been measured by officials to set an official record, Mr. Herisyam measured the python and assured the 8 meters and 250 kilograms.

Muhammad Aizat, another civil defense official assured that the capture of the snake caused a serious amount of stress, mixed with the stress of laying eggs it could traduce into the cause of death. After its capture, the snake was destined to the Malaysia’s wildlife department. The official cause of death of the python is yet to be confirmed.

Source: BBC