Autism Awareness Day is celebrated on April second and with it, many supporters and experts are explaining the world the importance of early diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

A major and worldwide campaign is spreading to create awareness for patients diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), with the slogan of “Light up Blue” the organization Autism Speaks seeks to create a better understanding of what the disease is and how it should be treated

The team hypothesized that ASD might be caused by increased or decreased connectivity within specific neural networks that form the “social brain”. Photo: Jajjapedia

The World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD), was created in 2007 by the United Nations to create a more conscient matter on autism as a growing and global health priority.  Since its creation, the WAAS celebrates the international “Light up Blue” campaign in where thousands of iconic landmarks, buildings, schools, and homes shine a blue light to honor autism patients and affected families.

The campaign also creates a series of fundraisers for facilities that offer help, counseling,  treatment and other for autism patients and families. Supporters can log into the autism speaks website and donate different amounts of money for the cause.

A recent database has revealed that autism rates have stayed the same for the last couple of years in the United State, supporters and speakers of the cause are pledging for a better and more major campaign on early diagnosis of autism. So families and patients can obtain the help they need at the right time.

The “Light up Blue” campaign has spread across the globe, places such as the Israeli Parliament, The Panama Canal, The Orlando eye, Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer, The great Buddha of Japan and several iconic retailers in New York City have light a blue light on them for the cause.

Recently a proposal was introduced to the U.S. congress to expand the ABLE program, a system that helps individuals with autism and other disabilities such as down syndrome. The program includes the ABLE to work act, the ABLE Financial Planning act, and the Able Age Adjustment act.

Many autism speakers have expressed their support for the cause by wearing blue and promoting the “Light it up Blue” campaign throughout different communication channels. The Autism speaks campaign is allowing supporters to register their building or their homes to light them blue and help the cause.

Even President Barack Obama issued the matter by reassuring the dedication his government has with the disease.

Walks in support of the cause have been organizing fundraisers across the country. In Pasadena California a total of $1,256,414 has been collected, while in Florida supporters have obtained $12,121, Louisiana, Chicago, Denver, Atlanta, Tampa and many other cities in the country are also helping the cause.

Source:  Autism Speaks