Wisconsin citizens will now be able to buy “choose life” license plates. It will work as a way to raise funds for pregnancy centers that offer alternatives to abortion.

The plate’s approval has been pushed for more than a decade by a non-governmental organization called Choose Life Wisconsin. It was all possible due to a decision made earlier this year, when the Act 227 was passed, allowing any group or association to ask for the approval of special plates at the state Department of Motor Vehicles.

The design of the plates show the words “choose life” and a baby’s footprint. Image credit: Choose Life America Inc.

“This is an incredible way for people all over the state to make a donation that will help the on the ground frontline resource centers who help women in crisis situations and help them make wise choices when they have an unplanned pregnancy,” Said Julianne Appling, Choose Life Wisconsin President.

People in Wisconsin will have access to the plate within a year. The $25 fee raised with each license plate will go directly to pregnancy centers. The plate was finally approved on November 30 after a 30-day public review ended Nov. 13, though it received 26 objections.

The State Legislatures Transportation Committees did not notify any need for further review, giving way to its approval. It has been certainly a long hard work for Choose Life Wisconsin.

A controversial license plate 

Not everyone agrees with the plate nor they think it is for social good. According to NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin executive director Eliza Cussen, the centers that will receive the incentives from the plates are fake clinics run by extremist religious groups, whose objective is to deceive desperate women to continue their pregnancy.

Cussen says that she does believe that the government should promote and help charities to improve the quality of life in society, but it should not support nor facilitate this kind of initiatives, as the ones promoted by Choose life Wisconsin, since they go against the human rights of women.

“What we have to consider in this case is that Choose Life Wisconsin is no ordinary charity. This is an organization that does real social harm that is centered around restricting the human rights of women,” said Eliza Cussen.

To this comments, Appling responded saying that these centers are moving into the medical arena by offering women free ultrasounds, STD screenings, and resources for their kids. She said that no one is forced to buy the plate since it is a country where there are opportunities for every message to be spread. She also said that the plates are just an option as any other license plate out there. Appling also highlighted that there is nothing religious or distasteful about the plates’ design.

Cussen criticized that there are 79 pregnancy resource centers in Wisconsin, while there are only three abortion clinics in Madison and Milwaukee; after an abortion clinic was closed down in Appleton a few months ago. She said the pro-choice community does not have enough support from the authorities.

Source: Wisconsin Public Radio