New York – Tomorrow will be held Microsoft’s October 2015 NY Tech Meetup and Afterpary, where the company is expected to launch the first high-end Windows Phones of 2015. Several mid-range Lumia phones, the Surface Pro 4, and a new version of the Microsoft Band are expected to be seen. Rumors also say that Windows 10 will likely start rolling out smartphones and tablets soon after the event.

Google is expected to be one of the main guests at the Microsoft’s meetup. Some people believe that the big company would announce Android apps support for Windows 10 Mobile devices, given that both companies have shown to improve their relationship since they agreed to drop 20 patent lawsuits they have filed against each other.

Microsoft has been slow to pair with Android and iOS on the battle of mobile operating systems. Windows Phone has less than 5 percent of market share, so mobile developers never made apps for the smartphone. Credits: Softpedia News

However, the company announced several ways for developers to port their Android and iOS apps to Windows Phone. One of the plans was to introduce support for universal apps which will allow developers to quickly turn their Windows applications into Windows Phone apps with minimal effort. Another plan, perhaps the one they have decided to launch, was to add support for Android apps on Windows Phone.

“Google and Microsoft have agreed to collaborate on certain patent matters and anticipate working together in other areas in the future to benefit our customers”, Google had said after the two companies recently decided to resolve several of their patent issues.

Tomorrow will also be held Microsoft’s event “Selling to Government”, where attendants can join the NYC Department of Small Business Services and learn how the government can become their customer. They will also have the opportunity to take their laptops to create a functioning match three game in other company’s event called “How to Build a Puzzle”.

For this especial event, Micrsoft has set up an alarm in users’ calendars to remind of the event and a livestream people can watch here.

Source: Beta News