Will.I.Am produced a song that has become the ultimate “anti-Trump” anthem and was released by Funny or Die.  In the video, the musician pretends to be Donald Trump and mocks about something he said in a leaked video.

The video has the presence of Liane V who tries to reason with the fake Donald Trump by singing about empowered women in a recreational set of the presidential debate.

Will.I.Am produced a song that has become the ultimate "anti-Trump" anthem. Photo credit: People
Will.I.Am produced a song that has become the ultimate “anti-Trump” anthem. Photo credit: People

The real message of the song

The video is not entirely funny but rather alarming. Will.I.Am appears at the end with a serious message, stating that he recognize he does not look like Donald Trump at all.

“He does not look like the president of the United States of America, nor should he be,” he says.

More than an anthem, the song is a signal to invite voters to -openly- choose Hillary Clinton as the next president and reject Donald Trump’s ideas. The musician considers Trump someone who is not qualified for president.

“If this was a TV show, maybe I would watch it, it would be pretty funny… If this was a movie, I would probably spend my money to go and watch it. But this is real life with real life problems, so we need someone who can deal with it,” said Will.I.Am.

Donald Trump believes he can grab them by the…

A leaked video caught the presidential candidate talking with friends about his experience trying to date (or more explicitly, trying to have sexual relations with) a married woman.

“When you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything … Grab them by the p***y. You can do anything,” Trump saud during the chat.

In the tape, the conversation with Billy Bush revealed the ideas the presidential candidate has about women, confirming his eternal misogyny and making undeniable the way he treats and considers women.

Once the tape was public and commented all over the media, some responses were of relief. “It was like, ‘Thank you.’ Now no one can say I made this up,” said Temple Taggart, a former Miss Utah that shared with the world how Donald Trump harassed her introducing himself by kissing her on the lips.

About Funny or Die

The comedy video website and production company owned by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Chris Henchy published the video as part of their exclusive material.

The website was launched on 2007, and only one year later the company signed a partnership with HBO.  FunnyOrDie has produced several shows like Between Two Ferns, Drunk History, Tween Fest, Billy on the Street and @midnightm, as well as some specials like Boyish Girl Interrupted; We Are Miracles and Love at the Store.

The brand also has “Funny or Die Presents” where famous artist collaborates with the production and presentation of comedy material. Funny or Die has a Comedy Tour and a Comedy Festival, events that are getting more popular every year.

Funny or Die has been relevant as well in the political scene, with open activism. Creator team’s members are active supporters of the Democratic Party and have used the brand to raise awareness in certain causes as well as raising funds for some campaigns.

In 2014, Between Two Ferns launched an episode interviewed Barack Obama. The video invited Americans to sign up for healthcare as part of the Affordable Care Act, and it had a positive response. Another health initiative, this time, executed by Michelle Obama, was also backed up by Funny or Die.

Among other campaigns, the brand has worked with wage equality efforts and freedom of speech rights. Funny or Die puts constant effort to raise awareness and funds for the legal defense of people prosecuted for unjust causes.

Source: Metro