The United States keep being ablaze. The dry conditions coupled with the strong winds have generated massive wildfires in eastern Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, central California, and Montana.

Washington, Oregon, California, and Montana are the states most affected by the Wildfires. Image Credit: Texas Agriculture


Near the town of Davenport, the blazes destroyed eleven structures, including garages, homes, and outbuildings.

Meanwhile, according to the Department of Natural Resources, in the west of the eastern Washington city, nine square miles were seared by a massive wildfire that also burned six houses.

On the northeast side of the city, another fire charred “some houses” as said by officials, and destroyed 250 acres.

The Spokane Indian Reservation was also severely threatened after the blazes crossed the Spokane River and reached the small community of Wellpinit, whose inhabitants had to evacuate after the electricity was cut off by the fire.

Finally, as stated by the Washington State Patrol, another fired charred numerous buildings, including ten homes, south of Spokane near the town of Spangle.


On Sunday a new blaze ignited in eastern Oregon and had grown exponentially over time, becoming one of the state’s biggest wildfires.

So far, the flames have burned approximately fifty square miles of vegetation close to the Idaho state line.

Larry Moore, a spokesman for the Bureau of Land Management, said the fire is threatening Succor Creek State Park, near the Owyhee Reservoir.

One hundred firefighters were battling the wildfire, whose size had reduced from eighty square miles.

The cause of the blaze is still under investigation.

Flames and smoke rise from the roaring Lion Wildfire. Discover Bitterroot National Forest. image Credit: NBC News


In Wyoming, the Yellowstone National Park is in the midst of a massive wildfire that has grown to thirty-five square miles.

However, tourists were still allowed to visit the park during the summer season. So far, all tourist facilities and roads were still open Monday morning.

The flames have reached a border town on the park’s west, a remote forest, and the Madison Junction recreational area found within Yellowstone.

The fire has been growing quickly and by Sunday, it was ten square miles bigger.

Meanwhile, another three wildfires are ignited in the park, and the windy, hot weather will probably expand them.


In the coastal San Luis Obispo and Monterey counties, almost 2,500 inhabitants were evacuated after a massive fire threatened nearly 2,000 structures.

The flames have been ignited for seven days. However, the fire grew up again unexpectedly on Monday, threatening to surpass the lines that were containing it.

So far, the wildfire had destroyed almost fifty structures, including houses and other buildings.

Nonetheless, that is not California’s biggest fire. That recognition belongs to a fire that is 135 square miles big and is located along Highway 1 north of Big Sur, threatening four hundred homes.

In Southern California, another 58-square-mile fire had charred more than one hundred homes so far but has been almost entirely contained.


In a remote area of northwestern Montana, citizens were ordered to evacuate before dawn, after a massive fire doubled in size extremely quickly in the tiny area, outside the small town of Thompson Falls.

More than three hundred firefighters were battling the flames in the scenes, while twenty homes were threatened.

Sources: CBS