Many farmers and gardeners may be tempted to opt for synthetic fertilizers because they are low priced. Looking for a quick solution for your plants? Organic fertilizers are your best bet. However, there are a few things that you must take into consideration.

For starters, you want your plants as well as the soil to be healthy. Secondly, you need to ensure that the soil is healthy now and in the future. Synthetic fertilizers may give you immediate results, but they will not sustain the health of your soil.

Hence, organic fertilizers are a better option. Not only are they good for plants and soil, but they are also excellent for the environment. Also, they help to nourish your soil longer than their synthetic counterparts.

Organic fertilizers do not work as fast as synthetic ones, but their effects last longer. They seep gradually into the soil giving it long-term health. Inorganic ones tend to overfeed the plant and have no benefits for the soil.

Merits of Organic Fertilizers

1. They Improve the Quality of the Soil

Organic liquid fertilizer, as well as its granular counterpart, helps to boost soil texture. Soil with good texture can hold water longer. Also, it enhances the fungal as well as bacterial activity in the soil.

Consequently, the soil is nourished and healthy, giving you healthy plants. Additionally, the resulting product is good for you.

2. They Are Safe

Organic fertilizers are not only safe for the environment but also for your young children as well as pets. While they are not to be ingested, you are assured that they will not harm your pets or the environment. They do not require large amounts of fossil fuels to process.

3. Ease of Application

You can easily spray them on your plants or add them to the soil.

The Pros of Organic Liquid Fertilizers

Liquid fertilizers have quickly gained popularity among farmers and gardening enthusiasts. If you are not sure which fertilizer is the best choice for your plants, liquid fertilizer is an excellent fallback plan.

Here are some benefits you will enjoy from using organic liquid fertilizer:

  • Consistent Application

It is easier to get a consistent application with a liquid fertilizer than with a granular one. With the latter, you can feed some plants with less compost than others. Liquid ones seep into the soil and spread uniformly to the plants.

All plants, therefore, receive the same amount of nutrients wherever they are located. Also, as mentioned earlier, the application is straightforward.

  • Liquid Fertilizers Work Fast

Granular fertilizers take a longer time to act as they must breakdown before they can start being effective. On the other hand, liquid fertilizers access the plants faster and start working immediately.

Some plants show results almost immediately. Those who apply liquid fertilizers early in the season observe faster root growth at the crucial time.

  • Different Methods of Application

There are different methods you can use to apply liquid fertilizers. These include:

  • Spraying it directly on the plants
  • Using a watering can
  • Sprinkling it over the plants

You can also mix it with products used for crop protection. This would ensure that your fertilizer works in one pass for one season. Application is, therefore, easy and takes less time than when you use granular fertilizer.

  • Healthier Plants

With improved uniformity in the application, there is a better balance of the soil’s PH. For instance, nitrogen is a crucial nutrient for crops. However, if used in large amounts, it can kill your plants. Organic liquid fertilizer is an excellent option when you want the perfect PH balance.


Organic liquid fertilizer is the best choice for the gardener who is unsure about which type of manure to use. It is easier to use, and the chances of overfeeding the plants are significantly lowered.

Also, it gives you healthier plants and is safe for the environment. It also works fast as the plants can access it almost immediately. Therefore, it is a superb option for your gardening needs.