Automatic and quartz movements have been compared ever since the latter appeared in the ’60s. Many years have passed, but the quartz vs automatic watches debate remains unsolved. But which one is better? Which movement offers the best value for your money? Here’s what you should know about the quartz vs automatic watch movement.

Which is Better: Quartz or Automatic Watch?
Pat Taylor

Quartz vs Mechanical Watch – Differences

The main difference between quartz and automatic movement is that the latter uses the wearer’s natural movements to power the timepiece. Quartz watches, on the other hand, use a vibrating mineral known as quartz. Most quartz models are battery-powered, but you will also find models that use solar energy. Quartz timepieces are less expensive than automatic watches since they can be mass-produced and have fewer moving parts.

Automatic watches, on the other hand, are popular among enthusiasts due to their aesthetic appeal. Due to the precise engineering and fine craftsmanship involved in making automatic watches, these timepieces are more expensive than quartz models. Putting together an automatic watch also requires a lot of manual labor because it has many small parts. But despite the exorbitant price, automatic watches are a good investment because of their longevity.

Why Consider an Automatic Watch for Your Watch Collection?

Unlike quartz watches, automatic watches can last forever. Since it uses the wearer’s natural movements, it’s virtually maintenance-free. And since it outlives everyone, you can pass it down to your family as an heirloom. Here are other reasons to consider an automatic watch for your collection.

  • Automatic vs Quartz Reliability

The quartz or automatic watch discussion would always compare the reliability of these watches. Since quartz watches depend on electronics and batteries, they don’t have the same waterproof properties as automatic timepieces. Quartz watches also require battery replacements, and failure to replace the battery could cause more damage to the wristwatch.

Moreover, the components in the watch will deteriorate as time goes by. Although they’re accurate and affordable, quartz watches aren’t as long-lasting as automatic wristwatches. So if you want a wristwatch that doesn’t require a lot from you, an automatic watch is your best option.

  • Quartz vs Automatic Watch Durability

Fine craftsmanship sets automatic watches apart from the rest. So if you need to pick a winner in the quartz or automatic watch argument in terms of durability, the latter would win. Automatic watches are made from high-caliber materials tested and proven to withstand various shipping and manufacturing conditions.

Best Automatic Watches from Filippo Loreti

Unlike cars that depreciate over time, a high-quality automatic watch becomes more valuable as time goes by. Treat it properly, and you can sell it for a reasonable price when the time comes. Even if you don’t plan to sell your watch in the future, simply having a high-quality automatic watch shows your preference for the finer things in life. And today, it’s possible to get an automatic watch that doesn’t cut corners on craftsmanship and quality. With Filippo Loreti’s automatic watches, you can enjoy affordable luxury at your fingertips. Here are the best automatic watches from Filippo Loreti.

  1. Eterno Black Diver Automatic Watch

Inspired by Gérald Genta’s iconic Polerouter, the Eterno Black Diver is a perfect example of a watch with classic aesthetic and modern functionalities. It features an authentic Italian leather strap and a jet-black dial that complements any outfit.

With its large power reserve, you can use your watch for 41 hours straight without winding it. The Eterno Black Diver has luminous hands and markings, so you can read the time even if you’re in a poorly lit environment. Plus, it features a sapphire-coated glass that protects the dial from various elements.

  1. Eterno Green Diver Automatic Watch

Green symbolizes vitality, life, wealth, and energy. If that’s what you’re aiming for, Filippo Loreti has got you covered. The Eterno Green Diver is the perfect diver’s watch for anyone who wants something that exemplifies exceptional taste and style. It has an authentic brown Italian leather strap and a sleek green dial that goes well with any outfit.

Apart from its NH35 movement, this watch comes with an asymmetric date window and a solid case back where you can engrave a personalized message. Thanks to its enormous power reserve, it will run for 41 hours without requiring winding.

  1. Eterno Gilded Ash Link Automatic Watch

The Eterno Gilded Ash Link’s ash dial and solid metal bracelet embody minimalism, making it a good match for those with a calm and discrete approach to life.

Wrap Up

When all’s said and done, the best watch movement depends on your preferences. Regardless of which movement you choose, a brand new watch is a valuable accessory that shows a glimpse into your taste, lifestyle, and personality.