Sports management is an often misunderstood industry. Many people believe it involves managing a sports team on the field, but it’s something completely different in reality.

Michael Molfetta of Molfetta Law and Invictus Sports Management, Explains the World of Sports Management

As Michael Molfetta, the CEO of Invictus Sports Management, explains, sports management is a general term to describe the overview, organization, planning, control, and evaluation of a department or organization dedicated to sports.

Molfetta finds that sports management has many aspects that make it a complex industry but an enjoyable and rewarding one simultaneously. With a background as a renowned litigation attorney at Molfetta Law and former college football and international rugby player, Molfetta is uniquely positioned within the sports industry to explain the world of sports management.


Sports is big business today, and as a result, there are a lot of careers that fall under the umbrella of sports management. You can graduate with a degree in sports management and pursue any number of careers.

Some examples include facilities management, public relationships, athletic administration in high schools or colleges, marketing, sports agency, broadcasting, and fundraising.

This is quite the wide range of disciplines, with some involved directly with the administration of sports or leagues, some working to promote teams and organizations, and others working directly with professional athletes to represent their best outcomes.


Depending on which area of focus you want to pursue, you could be required to have a bachelor’s degree, while some industries will require a master’s degree as well. In essence, you’ll be studying topics such as law, ethics, finance, and administration as you pursue a sports management career.

Today, professional sports are a multi-billion-dollar industry requiring highly trained and specialized individuals to help the different cogs run. As Michael Molfetta explains, sports agents need to be well-versed in law and finance as they negotiate contracts or give input on large collective bargaining agreements.

Finance isn’t necessary for all disciplines within sports management, though. You could pursue a career in sports broadcasting or sports marketing, which would require more of a focus on communication skills and writing than finance.


People in the sports management profession need to be equipped with a wide range of skills, as their jobs aren’t singularly focused — no matter what discipline they pursue.

All sports management professionals will need to be well-versed in communication skills. Writing and speaking effectively for a specific purpose is essential in every sports management job.

Education in public relations is also worthwhile. Sports agents need to have the athletes they represent portrayed in the most favorable light possible in the media. The same goes for marketing professionals who work for a team or organization.

It’s always great for those in sports management to learn essential leadership skills. Climbing the career ladder is nearly impossible in sports management if you don’t have the skills needed to lead other team members, empowering them in the process to further change for your ultimate goals.

Those in more specific areas of sports management may need to acquire skills necessary for managing sports facilities or analyzing contracts.

About Michael Molfetta

Michael Molfetta is the resolute force behind Molfetta Law, a founding partner of CRM Sports Advisors and the CEO of Invictus Sports Management. As a veteran litigation attorney with over 30 years of experience under his belt, he has been lead counsel in nearly 300 jury trials and a legal correspondent for major news networks. Before starting his legal practice, he was the Deputy District Attorney in Orange County and was “1994 Prosecutor of the Year”. Since then, Molfetta has continued to garner acclaim and distinction within the legal field. In 2021, he was named “Litigator of the Year” by The American Institute of Trial Lawyers.