WhatsApp for Android has a new update, and it is coming with great things for users. It finally adds GIF support and it raises from 10 to 30 the limit of videos or images we can share with our friends in just one batch through the messaging app.

These features are available in the latest beta of WhatsApp for Android, through its 2.17.16 version. WhatsApp had already offered the possibility to share stored GIFs or to convert camera roll files into GIF. But this new version makes it all easy for GIF-lovers, adding a specific button to search GIFs.

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WhatsApp will have a new bottom dedicated to GIFs

WhatsApp app, launched in 2009 for free, is an instant messaging application for smartphones. It was sold to Facebook in February 2014 for about $19.3 billion. Currently, it is the leading messaging app. In 2016, it was reported it had over a billion users. Through the years it has made available more and more features, from sending voice calls, documents, PDF files, images, to video calls or even sharing locations and phone contacts.

Recently, WhatsApp allowed people to send GIFs by converting camera roll files into GIF or just by sharing the ones people already have in their phone’s gallery. Unfortunately, the service provided by WhatsApp for GIF was rather slow. Now, with the latest beta of WhatsApp for Androids, the messaging app is featuring a brand new button to quickly search for GIFs.

The new WhatsApp 2.17.16 Android beta will have a GIF button that will appear at the bottom of the screen after users tap the emoji button in the compose field. WhatsApp’s new GIF feature is powered by Giphy and Tenor meaning some users will get Tenor GIF while other will see Giphy.

Now searching for a GIF will be pretty easy within WhatsApp. They can use the keyword to search a GIF that expresses what they feel and insert it into the conversation. As well, when users know what GIF they want to enter, they can also add a caption along with it.

30 files in just one batch

We all have had one problem when it comes to sharing photos or videos in WhatsApp, and it is that we could only share ten items at a time. If we have more than ten files to share, we had to go to the gallery pick 10, send the first batch, and then do the same for the remaining items with the risk of sending duplicated files or involuntarily skipping others.

This is also changing for the better. The new beta for Android tripled the limit of media files you can share in WhatsApp, meaning that instead of 10 we can share 30 photos or videos in just one batch.

At the moment these new features are only available for the users of WhatsApp Android that are in the beta program. This new version is also available for APK mirror. The rest of the users should not fret because beta versions often come with some bugs or glitches that could deteriorate the experience.

If the beta version functions well these new features will soon reach the final stage, when every user of Whatsapp for Androids is able to enjoy of GIF support and the extended limit for media files sharing.

Source: Tech Times