One of the most fun things about following the retail tech market is that it never stands still. There’s a single-minded compulsion among retailers and developers to outsmart the competition and bring clever, helpful, and interesting products to everyday consumers. This is particularly true as the holiday shopping season swings into full gear.

What Tech Gifts are Flying Off the Shelves This Season?
Jonas Leupe

What’s the sign that a tech gift item has succeeded? Being out of stock. That means, if you want any of the hottest items in the niche, it’s essential to order early or wait until late January to shop. This year, expect to find long lines in retail stores and see the ‘sorry, this item is unavailable at this time’ notices at online shops for things like drones, pet GPS devices, VR glasses, enhanced computer tablets, e-bikes, and more. Here’s the short version of which products are currently the most beloved by consumers of all ages and income groups.


Drones are best-sellers wherever they’re sold. The craze started about five years ago among young tech enthusiasts and has since spread to every age group. Producers offer bigger, more powerful, and more sophisticated drones every year even as prices continue to decline. However, for hobbyists and serious students of drone-related sports, some of the higher-end versions can cost several thousand dollars.

Pet GPS Implants and Collars

If you like the idea of tracking your pet’s location 24/7, GPS collars and implants are the way to go. Ask your vet about implant costs because they can be quite high. The easier, much cheaper option is a GPS collar. Just make sure the location device is secured to the collar well and that the collar itself is snug enough that the pet can’t pull it off. If you have multiple animals and want to use implants on all of them, consider taking out a personal loan from a private lender to cover the entire cost of the project. Private lenders offer competitive rates and excellent terms on personal loans and can process applications online in just a few minutes.

Super Tablets

Super tablets are newer, enhanced computer tablets that come with massive amounts of memory, do everything your desktop model can do, and include standard-size plug-in keyboards as an option. In a way, this new generation of devices is closer to powerful laptops than anything else. The main difference is the on-screen touch control users get with tablets. You can even add accessories like anti-glare screen protectors to make the gift more luxe. Prices are about twice as high as for ordinary versions, but you get much more memory, a longer-lasting battery, and a high-resolution monitor.


The e-bicycle trend has been growing steadily for the past 10 years but is finally hitting its stride. Now that prices have dropped well below the $1,000 mark for name-brand models, consumers are flocking to retail stores for test drives. The good news is that casual riders need not spend a bundle. Average e-bike rigs come with multiple speeds, the ability to supplement power with old-fashioned muscle power, and batteries that propel the bikes for about 50 miles. Prices rise quickly for those who want extras like extended-duration batteries, onboard computer navigation, and three-wheeled bikes.