Shopify is an art and part science for us. The resultant Shopify store is the work of pure art, and what you need to make the art workable is pure science.

What Is A Shopify Expert & Should You Hire One To Level Up Your Shopify Business Game?

And we wouldn’t mind calling Shopify as ‘the Swiss Army Knife’ of online store builders. When did you last count all the functionalities of the knife on your fingers? Well, it’s tough.

Similarly, it takes a mathematical head to calculate all the features offered by Shopify. But it takes even more patience and expertise to get accustomed to all of them. That said, Shopify experts do it diligently.

If Shopify is science + art, Shopify experts are Leonardo Da Vinci and Albert Einstein, simultaneously.

And the good news is— the numbers of Vinci and Einsteins are increasing day by day.

Many companies or individuals have mastered the art of Shopify in the past decade, and you can hire Shopify experts should you need to upgrade or revamp your Shopify store, or have it started from scratch.

People say, ‘Shopify experts shape Shopify stores.’ We say, ‘Shopify stores shape Shopify experts.’

The Shopify platform itself vets many Shopify experts. And Shopify is hard and crude. With endless creative possibilities and tools— it deters many developers before they are anything close to being an expert.

You might also feel tempted to add Shopify expertise in your arsenal— but ask yourself— is it worth the learning? Can you handle a full-spectrum Shopify eCommerce on your own? Of course, you should gain expertise, but let Shopify experts handle the real deal.

Because it’s not about only development or only marketing— it’s about handling everything associated with your Shopify eCommerce.

‘Every expert was once a beginner,’ you may well say it. But ‘don’t reinvent the electricity,’ we insist.

Would it make sense to re-invent the electricity? No! It already exists, and re-inventing would only waste your time. Leave the area of expertise to the Shopify professionals who have already built the light bulb— way ahead of electricity.

Why hesitate to hire these bulb makers when you haven’t developed the electricity yet? Still doesn’t ring the bell? Know what’s a Shopify expert in detail.

What is a Shopify expert— hiring passionate team members for your business!

Your team needs diversity and experience in designing, developing, affiliate, and marketing— Shopify experts get all of this upfront.

What do you do when you’re building your house? Of course, you don’t do bricklayers and design all on your might. You hire a general contractor and take advantage of their expertise for your project to happen. Don’t forget you’re still in complete control of the project. Shopify experts are a sort of general contractor.

‘I don’t know why my Shopify store doesn’t convert’ is a sign of professional help. Should you hire an expert for it?

If you find yourself saying ‘my store hasn’t tasted any pills of success yet,’ you definitely need an expert. Fortunately, hiring a Shopify expert is way easier than what it was a decade ago.

Choosing them through references or the Shopify community is simple. But make sure you’ve got a list of problems to brief rather than prescribing your solutions in front of them. You’re paying them to think for you. Let them not avoid the labor of thinking.

Think of a Shopify expert as your car mechanic. You go in the garage and say, ‘this is the problem.’ Right? You don’t go in and say ‘change the gearbox or brake pads.’ Go with an open mind. Shopify Experts are to identify and address the root problems with your business.

A Shopify expert knows the ABC of the platform. Let him write the eCommerce Sonnets.

You give Shakespheres to write Sonnets. Not Lance Armstrong. Right? Shopify experts have seasoned expertise about the platform, and they know how the platform behaves.

They’ll have their words served right on the table in front of you, including critical advice to make informed decisions. Whether it’s aesthetics or functionalities— you’ll get to have an informed say on your online business. Here’s the broader range they can explore for you:

  • What payment gateways you need.
  • Where your target audience lies.
  • What marketing and content strategy should you go with?
  • How you can tickle Google and Bing search engines.
  • Ways to streamline the checkout.
  • How to get new and old customers to visit your website
  • What to have in design and navigational choices.
  • How to brand your business.
  • How to extend the reach of your marketing campaign.
  • When and how to engage with your audience.
  • Find methods to make you an industry expert in your field.

Hiring a Shopify expert can be intimidating— use strong-brain tactics to filter.

Now that you have understood that your time is best spent running the business and not perfecting every vertical of your eCommerce— you can filter the best candidate for your business.

But hiring someone outside of your understanding and expertise can be intimidating, especially when you have a new entrepreneurial venture. But there are always ways to get the job done. We call it strong-brain tactics. Here’s how they look:

Tactic #1 Get referrals. It’s by far the best bet because you’re asking around to the entrepreneurs who can say ‘been there, done that.’ But it doesn’t give you the license to neglect your research. Referrals + research = successful hiring.

Tactic #2 Interview the options. Once you have filtered a few options, stress on, at least, one telephonic or online interview. It’s best to understand your future team members before settling on them.

Tactic #3 Define the project scope. When you’ve finally recruited a Shopify expert or a group of professionals, it’s time to define the outline of the work and the project timeline. Let ‘em know about your project management strategy— Waterfall or Agile. If you don’t feel satisfied in the first cycle of your project, it’s time to hit the expert directory once again.

We’re creatures of habit. Mind you— Shopify experts too. Watch out for these red flags before finalizing them.

Red flag #1 Dead enthusiasm. A project can’t succeed with dead enthusiasm. If your fit takes a long time to answer your concerns or fails to write back any satisfactory response— you might want to reconsider your hire.

Red flag #2 Where they collaborate with you. Does your Shopify fit give you options to review your projects online? Or will they spam your inbox with 36 queries every day? A Shopify developer with online collaboration and project reviewing tools believes in complete transparency, and any deviance should make you revisit your search.

Red flag #3 Pricing transparency. You might want to clear everything related to the pricing of the project beforehand. Negotiating your deals as per your customization needs is a must. The experts reluctant in disclosing their prices may need reversals.

Key Takeaways for Hiring Shopify Help

  • A successful kick-off call is when you have prepared a list of all the problems with your Shopify store.
  • A Shopify expert adds experience and diversity to your entrepreneurial program.
  • Communication is the key. The future of your project depends on the spark of the first few communications.
  • Interview your fit even if it comes from the trusted referee.