A person’s fragrance is one of the best indications of their personality. If a person attracts to certain scents, it shows a number of his character traits. When you are going to choose your signature fragrance, you have to find the one that is comfortable for you and that gives people the right impression of who you are.

What do Perfumes Reveal About your Personality?

Men and women everywhere select their fragrances according to their personal choices and so many people feel naked without a scent. Different fragrances are suitable for different ages and different events.

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You may want to wear perfume when you have a gathering with your friends, a different perfume when you are going on a date, another scent when you have a family function, or maybe another one when going hiking.

If you have a particular personality trait, then you are probably drawn to a specific scent. Below you will find out what perfume categories are and what these categories can say about your personality.

  • Citrus:

This type of perfume screams young, energetic, and fun. You can use it while going shopping and going for lunch with your friends or maybe on a date. Don’t spray too much because a citrus perfume can be overpowering.

Lemons, limes, and tangerines can be used to generate citrus scents but have a sour, sharp, and tangy flavor.

Doissier’s Citrus Ginger (roused by Chanel’s Bleu de Chanel) opens with a minty newness joined with bubbly ginger and lemon zing. The fragrance then unfurls to a base of textural and refined woody notes, with a spicy touch.

  • Floral:

When you wear a floral fragrance, it means you have a charming, sweet, calming, and lively personality. It also reflects that you have a good-natured personality, and like to hang out with friends and family. This is the best perfume to wear when you have to go to a formal event, a job interview, or a wedding.

To form this scent, manufacturers combine different types of flowers with other mild ingredients.

Dossier’s Floral Marshmallow is a novel scent made of an expressive mix of orange bloom and marshmallow, in addition to new notes of honeysuckle and neroli. Base aromas of musk, golden, and vanilla add profundity and supplement the sweet marshmallow opening notes.

  • Green:

This type of scent is perfect for a hike in the woods, a football or any sports game, or a family picnic. This fragrance shows that you are sporty, energetic, and outing loving. You don’t have to wear a green scent if you are going on a first date.

  • Spicy:

This type of perfume is good for the nights when you have to curl up on the couch with popcorn and a movie. It can also be used when you have to go for a walk on a cool, pleasant, and charming night. These are rich and exotic fragrances and are used by bold and sophisticated wearers.

Spicy fragrances have flavors of cloves, ginger, pumpkin, and cinnamon.

  • Oriental:

Oriental perfumes can be used to draw some attention. This is not a perfume to use every day but is meant to use sparingly and on special occasions. Too much use of oriental perfumes can be overpowering so try to mix an oriental perfume with a floral perfume. This is called ”Fl oriental” and is the best combination of sweet and alluring.

  • Fruity:

Those people who love fruity perfumes are full of a lot of fun. They love colors, nature, and experimenting with bold, strong, and bright prints. Fruit scents can be used to make freshening sprays, body lotions, cleaning products, sachets, wreaths, etc.

These perfumes use fresh edible fruity notes other than citruses such as mango, peach, black currant, passion fruit, and others.

  • Woody:

Woody scents are not just liked by men but also loved by different age groups of women who prefer woody perfumes to the other options. It shows that the wearer is minimalist with a bit of modernity.

It also reflects a lover of natural things who is highly dependable, earthy, and adventurous. These are formed by natural products such as cedar and fir trees.