Science is one of the most important areas of modern life. It allows us to logically investigate the world around us and what is happening. This leads to a greater understanding of what has taken place and how we can deal with it in the future. Looking at how the Earth is rotating faster than it has done in 50 years, for example, may lead us to work out how to slow it down if needs be.

What Careers Can You Break into With a Data Science Degree?
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It is also a very important sector for employment. For this reason, many people will look at picking up the right qualifications to move into a career within science. One popular qualification to get is a data science degree, as this arms you with the knowledge that you need to work in the sector. If you are looking at where to study for this sort of degree, Kettering University is a great choice. Kettering not only offers high-level learning but also ranks well for graduate career prospects and its alumni network.

Once you have qualified with a degree in data science, you may wonder what types of jobs are open to you. To make it a bit easier, we take a look at some of the most common below.

Data scientist

It will not be a surprise to know that a data science qualification sets you up nicely for a data scientist job. The average salary is an impressive $130,000, and this role sees you being able to put your data science knowledge to good use. Common tasks include collecting, tidying up, and organizing data for businesses. You would also need to look at the data and work out why something has happened – and then look for future patterns to inform strategic business decision-making.

Business intelligence developer

Data science qualifications are superb for opening up some very cool job opportunities. One is certainly a business intelligence developer. This is a role that cuts across multiple industries and so gives you a great choice of sectors to move into.

A business intelligence developer is responsible for designing and developing strategies to assist people in making better business decisions. As you would expect, this is a data-heavy role and you would need to use the latest business intelligence tools to create unique business intelligence applications. With an average salary of around $80,000, this is a rewarding and interesting data science role.

Machine learning scientist

Salaries for this role clock in around $114,121 on average, and it is another data science-backed career that is constantly in demand. In this role, you would research new approaches to data and algorithms used in adaptive systems. This includes machine learning, supervised, and deep learning applications.

Data science qualifications set you up for many roles

The simple truth is that a data science degree sets you up for some very interesting careers. The ones listed above are just a few of the roles that would be open to you! If you choose well, any role that you move into should see you being able to indulge your passion for data and put your expert knowledge to the test.