When arthritis strikes, it has a big impact. Unfortunately, many people treat the news as a one-way ticket to limited functions and depression. Still, while it’s a tough time for arthritis sufferers, there is a smattering of hope out there for treating the condition. Even with his aside, if you have arthritis, try to remember one thing; it’s not over until it’s over!

There’s still a lot you can do when you have arthritis, and they’re a great many ways to stop it taking over your life. Consequently, here are a few ways to help you combat arthritis.

Arthritis in Hands of Older Woman

Mind Over Matter

As tough as it might be to hear, there really is no definitive cure for arthritis. Still, that’s not to say that you’ll grow weaker as a person. Mental resilience is a big part of combatting arthritis, so trying to get into a mindset of ‘mind over matter’ would no doubt be extremely useful to you. Therefore, this is a great place to begin so that you’re equipped for the journey ahead. Build your willpower and believe in yourself.

No matter how bad things get, try to remember one crucial thing; you’re not done with life yet! Indeed, it could be the case that you have limited body functions, but this doesn’t mean that every awe-inspiring experience under the sun is off limits to you. There’s still a lot to do and see, activities and exercises that you can do that your health permits. If you’re suffering from arthritic fingers, go for a jog or head out on a hiker’s holiday – fight for the agency over your life, whether it’s big decisions or small ones!

Improve Your Diet

While it’s generally fine to be any shape and size you want so long as your healthy and happy, this consensus changes slightly when you have something like arthritis. Because your joints are now steadily growing weaker, you need to ensure that your body can support itself as best it can during the decline. Ask yourself, what would you prefer; a steady decline over a matter of years, or a sharp plummet to the latter (and more painful) stages of arthritis?

Your knees need to support your weight, for example, and if you’re a heavy person you’re going to inevitably put more strain on those joints. Additionally, you’re going to need regular exercise if you want to stave the effects of arthritis off for as long as you can. Lastly, maintain the best kind of diet you can, and this should help you deal with the condition in a more controlled manner.

Staying Mobile

Of course, when arthritis is at it’s later (and generally worst) stages, mobility is often out of the question. Many might treat this situation as the underlining point of arthritis and resign themselves to living indoors until the end. If you can’t move without intolerable pain, then there’s no point to get up, right? Well, as hard as it might be to acknowledge, there’s a workaround here.

For example, companies such as Mobility Solutions provide extremely useful folding scooters for those suffering from any kind of physical impairment. With this kind of equipment to hand, you can keep your independence and get around town with minimal fuss. Want to go beyond a local distance? Fold it up, store it in the car, hop in and get going! You’ll be in uncharted territory in no time.