Automation is commonly considered to be the next step for almost every industry. At the moment, we are in the midst of a technological revolution and it is unsure when the innovation will slow down. We have already seen how automation can work with different businesses, with most websites having automated helpers and the supermarket industry benefitting from self-service checkouts. Can automation be successful within transportation management systems?

Business Logistics and Transportation

Cut Costs

It is commonplace to see what ways automation can help cut costs for businesses, therefore it seems that logistics companies would try to pursue any avenue to achieve that. Companies can save money on wages for employees who were previously part of a team where manual input was essential. However, not only could a business cut costs through wages, but they can be cut through fewer errors being made, which is what automation can provide.

Customer Service

Automation has been most popular within the customer service areas of many businesses. As mentioned before, online helpers seem to be the norm when navigating a company’s website. Combine this with a company’s need to connect with their suppliers or third-party logistics businesses and you can see how useful this can be. With tracking abilities as well as being able to provide complete transparency, it is much easier to understand the customer’s needs.


While it may be reiterating a previous point, it is once again necessary to mention that there is less of a need to require further resources even as business operations increase. This is because the majority of work will now not require human input, leaving people to focus their time on more important matters that cannot be completed by automated systems. With automated data being collected over time, the speed and efficiency of certain jobs will be vastly improved as well as the accuracy of the work.


Possibly the biggest benefit of utilizing automation is the improvement in the organization process. Commonly, there are problems with haulers and couriers with some loads not containing the right amount and others arriving at the wrong times. The idea of creating an automated system that could provide information, collect data and simplify complex data entry tasks would mean that efficiency in every sense should be improved. Ideally, there should be no downfall in relation to this new system of organization.

When executed properly, the adoption of automation processes can provide a multitude of benefits for logistics businesses. With there currently being a shortage of drivers particularly in the UK, it is important for businesses to start considering adopting automation techniques. This way, where it may be hard to find new employees, you can at least make sure that the ones you do have are being used to their full potential. For more information regarding the current HGV driver shortage, check out this infographic from Return Loads.