Netflix’s original series House of Cards will premiere its fourth season on March 4. Frank Underwood and First Lady Claire Underwood, portrayed by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, are back with a new and more exciting season. The series, famous for the secrets, lies and betrayal will be back on March 4 and the new trailer sets the series to a higher level.

The series develops as Frank Underwood rises to power through smooth policies and seamlessly undermining political friends and allies. His wife Claire balances the relationship by acting as Frank’s opposite, while being able to do whatever it takes to maintaining power.

Netflix recently revealed the astonishing one-minute trailer of House of Cards’ new season. Credit:

The new one-minute trailer is packed with drama, action, and unexpected turn of events. It also features new cast members Ellen Burstyn, Neve Campbell and Joel Kinnaman. Fans can expect the return of characters as well, such as Doug Stamper, Remy Danton, Jackie Sharp and Viktor Petrov.

It has been 39 episodes since fans watched the power couple climbing their way up the political ladder. In the final episode, it seems as if the partnership finally came to an end. However, as the trailer reveals, the break-up of the power couple of America will tear the house down and Frank with it.

Now, the president and the first lady are each other’s biggest threat as the election year is nearly upon the Underwoods. The mutual disgust from each other is noticeable in the trailer from the hateful glances of the President and the First Lady. The new season of House of Cards will surely give fans more than they have bargained for with the usual intrigue, sex, betrayals and possible murders.

The preview clip for the Netflix original series House of Cards ends with Claire’s voice saying, “I saw a future. Our future.” And Frank responding, “We had a future until you started destroying it.” There’s no doubt that this season is as action-packed as crammed with drama and twists.

Still, Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are bringing Frank and Claire back on March 4. Until then, fans of the series can only watch the trailer while wondering what will happen on this clever and captivating show.

Source: WSJ