Pasquale Brocco, a 31-year-old man from Arizona, lost 300 pounds in two years by walking to Wallmart three times a day. Brocco has captured his journey on his social media hoping to inspire others into a healthy lifestyle.

Pasquale was known as “Fat Pat” throughout his whole life. The Arizona resident used to weight 605 lbs and ate 11,200 calories per day until his doctor told him he might die in his sleep.

Pasquale Brocco used to weight 605 lbs and ate 11,200 calories per day. Photo credit: Rackcdn / The Daily Buzz
Pasquale Brocco used to weight 605 lbs and ate 11,200 calories per day. Photo credit: Rackcdn / The Daily Buzz

Pat suffered from high cholesterol, blood pressure and was pre-diabetic at just 28 years old. After a concerning doctor’s appointment, Pat decided to throw out all of the junk food in his house and walk every time he felt hungry to the nearest Wallmart.

Three years later the man is training to become a body builder and has gained thousands of Instagram followers who were inspired by his journey to becoming a healthier and more fitness person.

The Wallmart Diet

“Fat Pat” became “Possible Pat” after he snapped a shirtless picture of himself showing loose skin and an unhealthy belly.

“My stomach was down to my thighs, my chest was hanging down here, I was disgusted,” said Brocco to ABC News in an interview.

Pat started walking to his nearest Wallmart for every meal, which meant six miles every day to eat. The now fitness man ensures he had never walked that much in his lifetime, before starting his journey.

Brocco’s diet was over 11,200 calories per day, as ABC News reports his old diet consisted of a box of cereal, 1/2 gallon of whole milk, 100 fast food chicken nuggets, 12-inch meatball and cheese sandwich, candies, soda, donuts and pies in a day.

The man added vegetables, low carbs and meat to his diet and healthy walking and started watching changes in the first few months. The man who couldn’t go to the gym because he was too big for the machines, added a treadmill exercise to his daily workout and began lifting weights.

Brocco’s journey was captured in his Instagram account, which now has over 90,000 followers. He has recently submitted himself to a skin removal surgery to get rid of the 30 pounds of loose skin he had after losing weight.

“I lost 330lbs without getting surgery just staying focus, eating clean and working my a– off, it’s not just wanting to change we have to believe we can change, if anyone is going to believe in you start with yourself,” wrote Brocco on an Instagram post that showed his back progress in the past years.

Brocco’s current diet consists of over 2 gallons of water, 20 egg whites, oatmeal, chicken breast, green beans, almonds and sweet potato. The man told ABC News that he realized his weaker point was dairy so he eliminated it from his diet.

Possible Pat is now training to become a bodybuilder. He is focused on his daily gym routine and hoping his one-year-old son will feel inspired by his journey and follow his steps.

Source: ABC