The carrier has teamed up with Google’s Android pay and it’s giving away 2GB to users who try at least three times the payment system.

Verizon customers will now enjoy a 2GB extra of internet surface by just using Google’s Android Pay. By using it only one time, customers will be gifted with 1 GB of free data .The gifted GB will be available for two billing cycles, according to the carrier.

Verizon is offering its users 2GB for free just for using Google’s Android Pay. Credit: Android Central

Verizon’s 24 Free GB plan

The initiative is part of Verizon’s 24 Free GB Data promotion, which is a plan for all Verizon users who have activated the carrier’s XL plan or XXL plan.

This promotion allows subscribers to surf online for a longer time, stream music, tv shows, and upload content. The carrier promises 24GB extra of free data every year, giving 2GB monthly for subscribed Verizon users.

The XL Verizon plan starts at $80 a month, granting users 12 GB of free data per month, adding the 2GB gifted every month users enjoy 14 GB each month. Other plans like the Verizon XXL plan starts at $100 a month with 18 GB plus 2GB extra users enjoy 20 GB every month.

Android Pay and more GB

Verizon is encouraging its users to try Android Pay at the 1.5 million locations the system is available. The carrier’s subscribers will only need to download the application from the Google Store available for devices with Android 4.4.

Android Pay is using a Near Field Communication(NFC) system available for all devices who support this system. Users will only need to provide the application with its debit or credit card data, when arriving at a purchase location the user will just have to tap the device in the NFC terminal.

To obtain the extra 2GB, users will have to try Android Pay at least three times, the first GB is granted in the first purchase after two more subscribers will receive the extra GB.

The promotion is only available for postpaid customers on the Verizon Xl plan or XXL plan.

“You can use Android Pay at over 1.5 million locations (and counting) across the US, everywhere tap-and-pay payments are accepted including the places you shop every day: Macy’s, Subway, Walgreens, Whole Foods and more,” wrote the carrier in the announcement.

The promotion will be available until June 14, subscribers will need to redeem the rewards by June 13th.

Source: Tech Times