A new software program from the company Unanimous A.I. called UNU is supposed to control the collective power of horse racing experts. This would allow to correctly predict which four horses would cross the finish line at the Kentucky Derby this weekend. And it could even predict its order when crossing the finish line.

Hope Reese is the person with the idea for creating the new software program dubbed UNU. Reese knew the platform had to be developed by Silicon Valley-based Unanimous A.I. Researcher Louis Rosenberg, founder of the company had already proven its software in the past.

Kentucky Derby supposedly beaten by UNU
The Kentucky Derby is one of the most famous horse racing events, yet it could be facing a new threat when it comes to the race’s odds thanks to UNU. Image Credit: Beta News

Along the predictions from Rosenberg, UNU supposedly guessed the winners for the Super Bowl, the NCAA championships, and the Oscars. It even predicted the primary election results with a correct percentage, according to Rosenberg.

At first, Unanimous A.I. hesitated when Reese approached them. David Baltaxe, the Chief Information Officer of the company said they were reluctant to take the challenge. Arguing the fact that nobody there knew anything about horse racing. Let alone horse racing’ predictions.

How the new software program UNU works

UNU works by gathering together a set group of experts in a particular area and then asking them a series of questions. The idea is that various units of the group will influence each other in order to arrive at a correct decision, says Reese. It means the most accurate from the sample of individual predictions will have more influence than the others.

For the Kentucky Derby superfecta prediction, Rosenberg gathered 20 people knowledgeable about horse racing. After a 20-minute session, the group used the UNU platform to answer questions, narrowing the field of 20 horses down to four potential winners.

They were then asked to put the four horses in order: Win, Place, Show, and Fourth. This whole process took about 10 minutes.

The Superfecta

This is a well-known ‘slang’ from the horse racing world in which the person who makes the bet must select the first four finishers in exact order. The odds of guessing correctly the Superfecta is 1-540, that means that if a person bets $1, it could become $540 if the person wins.

The perfect example that UNU worked is that his inventor Louis Rosenberg got a $10,842 payout from a $20 bet, while on the other hand, Hope Reese won $542.10 from a $1 bet.

The winners were Nyquist on the first place, Exaggerator on the second place, at third place Gun Runner and Mohaymen was the fourth horse. So the horse racing world could be about to experience a major turnout on their wages, considering the power of the UNU if it’s actually capable of predicting the outcome.

Source: Newsweek