From singer to actress and aspiring bartender Taylor Swift is constantly surprising her fans with new projects. In the most recent Apple Music advertisement, the singer is seen rocking on skinny jeans to a song by The Darkness.

This is not Swift’s first commercial for the music application, on April’s Fool Taylor was seen working out in a treadmill lip singing  “Jumpman” from Drake and future before suffering a simulated face-slap while falling.

Taylor Swift is continuing her partnership with Apple Music, with yet another ad featuring the singer and the streaming service. Credit: Cult Of Mac

She’s also appeared in a similar commercial lip singing to Jimmy Eats World song called “The Middle” while getting ready to go out. All of this ads try to show the different facets of the music streaming application developed by Apple.

Swift’s inner rockstar

Apple’s Music advertisement premiered on Thursday, May 12, featuring pop-star Taylor Swift getting ready for a simple night by herself in her massive house.

“I love a quiet night at home, ” says the singer before looking throughout the application for a song, a guitar solo enters the ad and Swift start to nod with her head to the upcoming beat.

Taylor’s awkward, yet funny, dance moves can be seen thru the advertisement when she takes over her living room jumping around couches and singing “I believe in a thing called love” by The Darkness.

Wearing high waisted black jeans, wine crop top, and a blazer, Taylor Swift tosses her phone and takes the center of her living room while she dances to the song as she was a true rockstar.

This move by Apple Music has resulted in this videos going viral over social media, especially the one she face-plants to Drae’s “Jumpman” released on April 1.

A pause on her career

Swift is known for her constant catchy songs and awkward dance moves on the stage, the singer is constantly revealing different singles and songs for her fans.

At the beginnings of April the singer announced to Vogue magazine she was giving her music career a pause since she needed to learn ‘more about things’ the singer is allegedly in a personal discovery route after years of work.  Yet she’s active in all of her social media and is still appearing on Apple’s Music ads

Source: Vanity Fair