SYRIA – After the first week of a nationwide cessation of hostilities in Syria, was implemented by Russia and the United States.

Nine violations of the agreement were recorded by the Russian center for Syrian Reconciliation. While the United Nations (U.N) attempts to reconvene peace talks.

The five-year Syrian war has killed more than a quarter of a million people and has led massive refugee crisis to Lebanon, Turkey, and the European Union. The pact between Moscow and Washington has slowed down the pace of the war, but Islamic State militants, rebels, and al Qaeda militants are not included in the agreement.

A Syrian soldier keeps watch near Maarzaf, Syria, on Wednesday. Credit: The New York Times/Pavel Golovkin/Associated Press Advertisement
A Syrian soldier keeps watch near Maarzaf, Syria, on Wednesday. Credit: The New York Times/Pavel Golovkin/Associated Press

A total of 135 people were killed in areas that are covered by the partial truce, said The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights on Saturday. Over the past 24 hours, the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation has recorded nine violations to the cessation of hostilities, announced the Russian Defense Ministry in a newsletter. Most of the violations have been recorded in the province of Aleppo, with a total of six violations. The other three violations were recorded in Latakia and Daraa.  

Staffan de Mistura, the United Nations envoy in Syria, is seeking to develop peace talks in the country. The process is expected to be launched on March 10th, most participants will arrive the day before and the rest of the participants will be incorporated in the negotiations around the 11th and the 14th of March. The process would be held in an indirect manner, meaning that the warring sides would not meet face-to-face. Holding preparatory meetings and negotiating with each group separately.

After the cessation of hostilities came into force on February 27th, the opposition has shown dissatisfaction with the deal and is yet to say whether it will attend the new talks to come. The war continues in Syria, 552 people were killed since the deal was made, in areas that are not covered by the pact according to the Syrian Observatory for Humans Rights. Also, the rebels have announced that the government has kept the attacks on important frontlines.

It is expected for peace negotiations to start, according to a statement made by Russia’s Foreign Ministry after a phone discussion on the subject with  U.S Secretary of State John Kerry.

“The two-sided called to start the negotiations as soon as possible between the Syrian government and the whole spectrum of the opposition, meanwhile, the Syrians themselves should determine the future of their country,” said the Ministry.

The cessation of hostilities agreement calls for the Syrian regime and the opposition fighters to halt attacks and implement a U.N “Roadmap” for peace in the country. This “Roadmap” will allow the people of Syria to decide the future of their country, as the Russian Ministry said.

Sources: Reuters