Technology and software can be complicated to understand if you’re not involved much in the industry. So, it can be quite hard to keep on top of all the terminology that is thrown around nowadays. You may not have heard much about enterprise management software, but you may have heard of its other name: enterprise application software (EAS). It’s a term that is often used, but what does it mean?

Enterprise Solutions

In the broadest sense, enterprise management (or application) software is software that is used to support an organization. Enterprise management software has a lot of functions, and this support can help teams of people in business to stay organized. So, let’s take a look at an example of how it works in a sales setting:

  • Sales teams can smoothly log their client information, from personal to product information as well as locations of the clients.
  • Your customer service team could keep a good handle on clients and any issues that they may be having. Enterprise management software can also track internal communication about different clients, too.
  • The management team can track employee performance and client issues, too.

Of course, enterprise management software is much broader than this, with more detail and can work on a bigger scale for a whole business.

What Is An Enterprise?

It’s great to discuss enterprise management software, but it’s important to understand what makes an enterprise. It’s usually used to describe large organizations more than it is to describe self-employed people, so school districts, medium and large companies, and international organizations can all be defined as an enterprise. These all incorporate groups of employees who need to come together to access specific information so that the business can function properly. This can include:

  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Communications
  • Production
  • Goals

Each of these areas of business would have a lot of people involved, which means that it can be called an enterprise.

What Is Enterprise Management Software?

Every business has a lot of software involved in it, from sales to accounts. Enterprise management software is often used on a large scale, and it provides solutions to a business, whether one team or the entire thing. It can manage tasks and problems that the enterprise itself faces, and it’s known as an enterprise app or enterprise software in the main. There are two ways that enterprise management software works:

  • The storage and display of company data on a larger scale
  • Supporting or automating processes within the business that use this data

There are many characteristics that common enterprise management software has, and this can include everything from scalability to how well it performs across multiple business locations. A smart business would use enterprise management software to cover a multitude of tasks for a company, as it’s built to be hugely flexible! The enterprise management software that Symfact has to offer includes:

  • Contract Management. You can save time and money by using this software.
  • Third Party Risk Management. Your business can manage compliance and reduce risk when you are entering new business relationships.
  • Legal Entity Management. A centralized software system which allows your business to keep control of your corporate entity.
  • Intellectual Property Management. You can bring together your ongoing IP Management processes with this area of software.
  • Policy Management. Consistent and accurate with company policies and procedures.
  • Custom GRC Management.

The enterprise management solutions that you will get with Symfact are there to help your company manage the planning, development, and operations of the business. It can also help you to deal with compliance and reduce your business risk.

Why Is Enterprise Management Software Different from Others?

There are a lot of different types of software out there, which is why choosing the right one is essential for your business. You may already know that software is a set of data that the computer reads to perform crucial tasks that you need for your business. There are two primary and known types of software:

  • Application Software – the day to day software that your business leans on for support. This is the software that covers things like document creation, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. This is software that completes business functions, and this is where the enterprise management software falls.
  • Systems Software – this is entirely different, as this is the software that helps the operating system run. Without this type of software, your computers cannot run properly.

How Does Enterprise Software Help Your Business?

With the right support and the correct implementation, enterprise management software will help your business in ways that you did not anticipate. Here are five benefits of enterprise management software that you could be relying on today:

Business Data Storage

A big part of improving customer experience is ensuring that you manage and store their data correctly. Enterprise software can do this for you and help you to keep track of the information you need when you need it.


The whole world of technology is moving toward automation. And using the right enterprise management system S&OP planning application can help you to streamline everything in your business so that it runs as smoothly as possible.


It’s not a well-known benefit of enterprise management software, but it’s something that matters. You can use it to scale the capabilities of your IT in your business as you need. You can use it to store more data, have more access to the Cloud.


Enterprise software ensures that there is more uptime than downtime in your business, as they can help your business to operate as well as possible most of the time. This can lead to a stronger customer experience that always remains consistent.


Corporate servers are always at risk from outside influences, and larger companies are more at risk when it comes to safety in their data. It’s not just good for customer experience, its also a priority financially and the right enterprise software can keep your business operating smoothly.

Choose the Right Software Today

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