A petition created by a lawyer in the official U.K. Government and Parliament website that wants to stop President Donald Trump from visiting the country already hit 1 million signatures.

The petition is oriented to avoid an official State Visit from Trump to the U.K., as the President “would cause embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen.” This application was created back in November, and it had registered only 400 signatures in two months. However, after Trump’s decision of banning the entrance for people of seven different Muslim countries to the United States, the petition got famous.

Image Credit: Parliament UK

The creator of the petition, lawyer Graham Guest, said that he didn’t have any particular posture of policy from Trump that provoked the solicitude. The initial summary of the petition states that “Donald Trump’s well-documented misogyny and vulgarity disqualifies him from being received by Her Majesty the Queen or the Prince of Wales.” The petition ends by asking the government not to invite President Trump in an official State Visit while he is in the White House.

Guest explains that this reaction that the people have had against Trump is not much more than a way to make him feel as banned like the Muslim people he has forbidden to enter the U.S.

This is not even the only time that Trump has faced a similar situation. Last year, in January, after Trump made some polemic declarations regarding Muslim people, a petition to ban him from the United Kingdom registered almost 600,000 signatures. As the Parliament rules establish, any petition that gets to the 100,00 signatures must be discussed in the debate. However, even when all the MPs from the U.K. major parties denounced Trump, the request did not go to vote.

The U.K. Primer Minister posture on the issue

During the last days, there has been a great pressure toward Prime Minister Theresa May for she to take a position on the matter. On Sunday, one spokesperson for May stated that they do not agree on the approach that the people have given to the Trump’s situation, as the United States immigration policies are a matter for the country to define.

“We’ve been very clear that the invitation has been extended and it has been accepted,” a spokesperson for May said on Monday after the petition surpassed 1 million signatures. “The UK and the US have a very strong and close relationship and it’s right that we continue to work together. In terms of the petition being signed, it will be a matter for parliament now on whether it is debated.”
Theresa May was the first political and foreign leader to meet with President Trump as she visited Washington on Friday. During that visit, Trump accepted the invitation from May for him to go the U.K. in the upcoming months.
Other prominent U.K. political figures have declared regarding this issue. Boris Johnson, the British Foreign Secretary, said that the Trump’s ban decision is both “divisive and wrong,” while London’s mayor, Muslim Sadiq Kan, qualified the measure as “shameful and cruel.”
The petition must be debated in Parliament for an official approval (or disapproval) of the request.