On May 3, Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR) has launched a new tab called Connect to help users find new accounts to follow based on their location, the people they follow, major events, etc. Connect will take place among the others tabs at the top of user’s display.

Twitter has been having little problems to recruit new users. The social network has 310 million active accounts so far, which is just 5 million more users from the accounts it reported for the fourth quarter of last year. It seems like launching Connect is a strategy to convince users to follow and connect with more accounts. Twitter’s plan is to increase user engagement with the network by making it easier for users to find new accounts to follow, which could lead to more invitations to join.

Twitter launched a new tab called Connect to help users find new accounts to follow. Credit: Marketing Land

Basically, Twitter doesn’t want their users to get bored of their timeline, so the strategy is to engage users by helping them to have a more varied and interesting timeline. The Connect tab will show a list of accounts that Twitter considers you may like.

Connect tab features

The new Connect feature comes as a unified tab in the same Material Design style as the rest of the app on iOS and Android. But for web version there’s not a Connect tab; instead, users have to click on the add friends icon, which will pop up a new page, and then they have to click “Find Friends.”

Twitter’s new tab is able to recommend accounts by pulling user’s contacts. This function isn’t new for Twitter, the difference is that now it is more accessible through the Connect tab. In addition, the social network not only will recommend you new accounts to follow, but it will also try to convince to follow the recommended accounts by telling you why they think you may like to follow those accounts. And there’s more: Twitter organized the different types of recommendations into sections within the tab, including Trending Now, Popular Near You, and more.

Twitter assured that the tab will change over time, refining its recommendations as users’ activity on Twitter evolves. Twitter will recommend its own accounts at the bottom of the tab.

Connect tab is already available to iOS and Android users.

Source: Android Headlines