This Tuesday, the whole country had their eyes on Michigan and every candidate fought hard for it. But different outlets place Donald Trump as the winner in Michigan. Hillary Clinton also received good news, the data says that she will win in Mississippi.

As days pass, the electoral race gets clearer and clearer. There are two men battling in the top for the republican nomination. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. While Ted Cruz seeks to consolidate conservative support, Mr. Trump is using his influence and an aggressive campaign to reach the masses.

Super Tuesday is likely to be a huge day for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, who lead in a CNN/ORC national poll released Monday. Photo credit: Komonews

The competition is tight, but the exit polls place Donald Trump as the winner in Michigan, leaving Ted Cruz battling John Kasich for the second place. In the meantime, Marco Rubio seems destined to a 4th place. Some of his advisers told Rubio “to get out before Florida”.

Mr. Trump expects an easy victory in Mississippi, but with 4 states voting, Michigan is the big prize

On the other side of the coin, there is Hillary Clinton. Fox News places her as the victor in Mississippi. However, her top opponent, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, has the lead in early returns from Michigan. In spite of this, pre-election polls had been showing huge support on Clinton’s side. She held the votes of important unions while Sanders was more popular among independent voters.

Last weekend, both Trump and Cruz won two states, but Ted Cruz has more delegates because of his victory in Kansas. On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders poached 3 states while Clinton managed to hold 1. In spite of this, Clinton has a huge delegate lead over Sanders supported by party leaders and officials. Last data showed she had 1,134 delegates to Sanders’ 499.

On the Republican side, Trump leads Cruz in the delegate fight 384 to 300, with Rubio holding 151 and Kasich 37.

A total of 1,237 delegates is required to win the GOP nomination

After the results were announced, Donald Trump thanked Michigan via Twitter for its support. He also surprised everybody when he talked about getting along with two of his fiercest critics, Senator Lindsey Graham and 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

He added that the win signifies “proof that advertising is less important than competence.”

Source: NY Mag