On Thursday, Tinder announced that it has begun to work with GIPHY to allow users send GIFs to their matches and spice up their chats.

One of the biggest and most popular apps for dating has paired up with the main GIF website of the world. Tinder and GIPHY have brought a new surprise for their users. They are now allowed to search and send GIFs via messages. This feature will definitely add a lot more attitude in conversations between matches, making them connect a lot better or helping them communicate more easily.

Photo: Vulcano Post
Photo: Vulcano Post

And they made it a lot easier as there is a little blue button that allows users to search directly through Giphy’s databaseto help them find the right GIF and accurately express themselves. This upgrade is only available for IOS users but soon, it will be available for Android users too.

But Tinder couldn’t stay calmed and upgraded a  lot more its messaging features. Users can also upload photos directly from their phone, instead of having to get them from Facebook. Emojis are a lot bigger to be seen in detail and there is a new green heart shaped “like” button for individual messages. They are doing everything they can to make everyone happy and of course, good at flirting.

This is exciting for many users but what they don’t know is that this benefit can mean a divorce between Tinder and Facebook, and also Facebook’s aging.

As explained in a Macwolrd’s article, one of the new features, the one that allows users to upload photos directly from their cameral roll, was one of the most requested features for Tinder’s upgrades. Tinder users had to upload photos and publish them at Facebook with the settings of “Only Me” so that they can import those photos to be able to use them at Tinder, and then probably erase them, which was a waste of time.

In the article, it was also explained that Facebook is getting older and it is too overcrowded, and Tinder is targeting a younger audience that prefers more modern and trendy apps such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Source: Mac World