Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will be hosting Saturday Night Live on December 19, a day after their upcoming new film Sisters is released in theaters. The episode will air, as regularly, at 11:35 p.m. on NBC.

Both comedians starred in the show back in 2004, where they were the first female duo to host the Weekend Update and worked on it during two years before Fey retired to work in the series 30 Rock.

They had a second appearance in Saturday Night Live later in 2008, in which Fey and Poehler interpreted former republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, and Hillary Clinton, respectively. The duo’s last appearance was in lights of the show’s 40th anniversary special, in which they co-hosted the Weekend Update together again.

The comedy duo will have Bruce Springstreen and the E Street Band as their musical performers. Here they are being best friends at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards in 2013. Photo: Huffington Post

There are other known faces coming to host Saturday Night Live next month. Ryan Gosling will make his debut on the show on December 5, accompanied by the band Leon Bridges; and Chris Hemsworth will host the show for the second time on December 12, along with the musician Chance the Rapper.

While both Fey and Poehler are known to be best friends, have hosted shows together, and have co-starred in a movie, they’ve never worked together on a TV show.

“What makes it great now is that the only time we see each other is when we work on things hosting the Golden Globes, doing ‘Sisters’ — so those experiences are exciting and fun,” said Fey in an interview with The Advocate.

Source: E! Online