A successful man is one who is wealthy, affluent, and/or imminent. Cynics will say successful men want what other men want, only they’re more likely to get it. However, studies have shown this isn’t quite the case.

Things Successful Men Notice First in a Woman
Austin Distel

Before we reveal the five things successful men first notice in a woman, we need to look at the shifts in social roles and responsibilities. Women are more independent than in the past and have managed to achieve some success themselves. Men had a one-dimensional idea of the ideal female decades ago. Developments since, in particular the most recent economic downturn, had a pronounced effect on their mentality and perception.

The Research Speaks

Several sugar baby websites conducted surveys of thousands of male users to learn what successful men noticed first. They observed certain patterns in their responses. Interestingly, a lot of the men said they were looking for the same things in potential employees. We share the most notable patterns.

No. 5: Beauty

Unsurprisingly, it emerged that few successful men would be willing to settle for someone who was average-looking. Yet, they say beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, so where does that leave us? A lot of the men mentioned blond hair and blue eyes, and most of them were looking for women who were in shape. They tended to prefer women with standard body types and weight in the normal range.

Beauty alone isn’t enough to develop a relationship with a successful man. They also look for certain traits, which we’ll get into later. A lot of the men surveyed said the woman’s hair was one of the things they noticed first about her. The majority disapproved of unnatural hairstyles or colors or unruly, unkempt hair. Affluent men are subject to scrutiny and may not want to be seen with someone who doesn’t take care of their appearance.

They are looking for healthy hair and natural color. Researchers suggest an explanation: hair quality and growth are related to nutrition and hormones, and these men seem to associate good hair with good health.

No. 4: Posture and Gait

Eminent men appreciate good posture and gait. This is because posture shows confidence and good manners, which are two things these men look for in their partners. In one study, almost four out of five respondents admitted to being turned off by women who slouched, even if they were very beautiful. Gait was one of the things near the top of the list. The way a woman carries herself is indicative of public presence. About a quarter of respondents said the right balance of posture and speed emanated grace, and this was something that would grab their attention even if they were otherwise occupied.

No. 3: Smart and Knowledgeable

Job candidates who lie about or embellish credentials are frowned upon. Likewise, successful men don’t appreciate women who exaggerate their knowledge of politics, finance, culture, current events, or something else that interests them. They’re looking for someone who’s interesting to talk to, but they won’t just talk about anything. Most of the men surveyed said their preferred topics of conversation were politics, news, and ideas. Generally, successful men would not indulge in gossip.

No. 2: Personality

When asked about preferred character traits, respondents indicated they valued loyalty, honesty, and faithfulness. Whether they reciprocate is another matter altogether and not addressed by these surveys. They expressed fondness for women with sweet personalities. What does this mean? Not someone who’s a pushover, but someone who smiles naturally and often, is kind, pleasant, and compassionate to people, and doesn’t let things trouble her easily.

Successful men also share some typical turnoffs. They see ambition as a downside, but not so much as being a ‘drama queen.’ In fact, that’s the trait they find worst in a woman, even worse than the propensity to drink excessively. Considering that they’re under great stress with companies to run or other serious responsibilities, it’s understandable they don’t want to come home to someone who’s in emotional turmoil.

No. 1: Communication

Successful men find communication skills to be the most important quality in a potential partner. This includes verbal and written communication. More than half of the respondents preferred the former, even though most of them communicated with women by email or text messaging. They found poor grammar and spelling a deal-breaker. In dealing with wealthy and powerful men, being able to hold a conversation is of paramount importance.