Owning a car can be very expensive, the upfront cost of buying a vehicle and the maintenance and insurance costs can quickly stretch any budget. Let’s take a look at the best ways to finance your car so you can drive affordably.

The Best Way to Finance Your Car

Go Local

National companies and huge corporations may be the first companies that you see on a Google search, and we can all be tempted to go for them because we’ve seen their adverts on TV. But local companies can often get you a far better deal.

Go specific and search your area, like the cheapest car insurance in Maine. That way you’ll come across the best deals that will suit your budget.

Buy Second Hand

Brand new cars are becoming more expensive by the day. But, cars have been mass-produced for decades, so the second-hand market is booming.

There are so many options to buy second-hand. You can find quality assured, well maintained and safety checked second-hand cars online for very affordable prices. Consider taking a look around for some fantastic deals.


Given the constantly rising prices of new cars, leasing has become an extremely popular option all around the globe.

Leasing essentially means you can buy your car in installments. You can secure a fixed monthly rate on your brand new car based on the quality of the vehicle, your budget, and your credit score. Leasing means you can get yourself a brand new car without dropping a huge sum in one go.


Maintenance can be a difficult aspect of car ownership to budget for. Your car can break down completely unexpectedly and taking it to a shop can quickly take a huge hit on your wallet.

It’s a great idea to set some money aside just in case your car breaks down or anything goes wrong. You should consider using a budgeting tracker to help build a pot of money, so if anything happens you know you’ll have a decent sum of money for the essential repairs.

Essential Checks

You should consistently check on your vehicle’s health. Checking the oil, tire pressure, and temperatures on a regular basis can seriously help you to catch any potentially costly issues before they become a problem.

If you’ve never been taught how to check your engine condition, then this can seem like a big challenge, but it’s never too late to learn! There are plenty of online resources that will help you with step-by-step guides on all the checks you need.

Keeping a car can become expensive, but if you look for the best deals, either by buying second-hand or leasing a new vehicle, then hunt out the cheapest insurance in your area, you should be able to cut down the initial costs significantly. After that, look after your car correctly and be ready for any eventuality with a money pot set aside, then you should manage to make great savings on your ride.