It is amazing how diverse and how different cultures around the world are, and how similar too. For Frank Gunderson FSU Professor, he has personally experienced those unique distinctions and the common bonds between all of us. In particular, those experiences are centered around the universal love and use of music.

From East Africa to the Classroom Frank Gunderson FSU Professor Finds a Common Song

Music Teaches Professor Frank Gunderson

As a professor of musicology at the esteemed Florida State University, Gunderson teaches music and so much more. It is also his experiences around the globe and in places like East Africa, that have taught Gunderson so much about the common song we all sing. The song of music.

In his studies of the various types and styles of music, from the traditional songs heard in places like Kenya as well as villages in Tanzania, where Gunderson has also taught, the power of music has remained the same. Through his studies and music research, Frank Gunderson FSU professor of musicology has also found other platforms to teach from outside the classroom.

Along with his role and profession as a professor of musicology, Gunderson is also a recognized and respected documentary filmmaker and author. The source and subject of his work? Music, of course.

Music: A Common Bond

In addition to his work and accolades as a filmmaker and author, Gunderson also enjoys the guitar and even kayaking. Music is something the entire world is familiar with, and it is also a common bond that ties us all together. As a music educator, it is also those common ties that Gunderson hopes to share and instill in his students.

From his familiar place at the head of the classroom teaching about his greatest love, music, to his ventures into parts around the world, professor Frank Gunderson of FSU teaches about music. And about what music means to everyone.