Right now, you have the opportunity to sort through our list of the most popular chrome extension for salesforce. These extensions are great for helping with primary and secondary tasks during the workflow. The supplements presented below are ideal for those who want to fulfill their plan 100% or more in the shortest possible time. There is no more need to enter data manually or search for the necessary information among hundreds of work emails. With these extensions for the Chrome browser, you can safely work without thinking about the technical components of your workflow.

eThe 10 Best Salesforce Chrome Extensions in 2022

If you’re currently looking for Salesforce Extensions for Chrome to help you be more productive with Salesforce, you’ve come to the right place with the right people! Salesforce Chrome Extensions are this particular type of software that you can install as a useful add-on to your Chrome browser to make your Salesforce experience easier. In the article below, we will introduce you to the top 10 Salesforce Chrome extensions in 2022. This list includes extensions such as Salesforce Navigator for Lightning, Clearbit, App Debugger, and other tried and true Chrome add-ons.

1: Sales Inspector

Salesforce Inspector is such a quality productivity tool that will greatly help you, as a Salesforce administrator, to view all the data in the Salesforce user interface. You can view these fields and quickly change the page whenever you want.

How you can use this add-on:

  • if you don’t see the data on the page layout, it still checks the data for the record;
  • you can freely export and import data of your choice.

This add-on will allow you to quickly and efficiently complete the tasks.

2: Advanced Salesforce Code Search

Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher is a free Google Chrome browser extension for executives and salespeople that allows users to quickly find the important code components they need.

Why do we recommend you choose this option? Because the important part is exactly the search for code components in Salesforce: Apex Classes, Apex triggers, Visualforce components, Visualforce pages, and the Lightning object.

3: Salesforce Navigator for Lightning.

Salesforce Navigator for Lightning is a Salesforce Productivity Chrome extension that lets you enter the actions you need to access any of your Salesforce pages.

Why is it useful:

  • timely creation of new urgent tasks;
  • сreate a list, the ability to search for records, as well as the ability replenish lists with new records.

With Salesforce Navigator for Lightning, you can easily meet deadlines and complete tasks 100%.

4: Clearbit for Salesforce – Lite

Clearbit for Salesforce Lite is a Salesforce Chrome extension that allows you to view the full profile of every Salesforce record you create. This will definitely help you during the manual search phase, especially when this search usually takes at least two hours a day.

Now you have the unique ability to view full profiles of any of your email addresses with just a few clicks. This extension allows you to work simultaneously with 85 active points. Also, it is possible to add additional data to those contacts that you already know. The add-on, which is presented here, will greatly facilitate your work and save you from a lot of unnecessary movements.

5: Booster for Salesforce

Booster for Salesforce has been programmed specifically to help Salesforce developers become more efficient in the long run. It shows absolutely all components of a given type on one page.

How can you use the add-on:

  • find and filter items that have been added to the changeset;
  • show API name next to field names when fieldset changes.

All the information that you have access to, will appear on your screen at the same moment.

6: Salesforce Apex Debugger

The Salesforce Apex Debugger makes debugging Salesforce code much easier.

You can search for a line in the latest logs and quickly find the entry you need and have the ability to filter logs by data such as date and size.

The filters you can apply with The Salesforce Apex Debugger are unique and very helpful.

7: Integrate Salesforce with Gmail

Salesforce Gmail integration and Salesforce Gmail integration with Inbox are Chrome extensions for Sales. These unique chrome extensions for salesforce let you work with Salesforce records. This happens directly from the Gmail account.

Why do you need it:

  • view all existing contacts, accounts, and opportunities;
  • finding and Viewing Salesforce Records;
  • adding your emails and appointments to a new entry is just one click away.

Your emails will become more legible and you will be able to find everything you need almost immediately.

8. Revenue Table for Salesforce and Gmail

The Revenue Grid for Salesforce and Gmail gives you access to any Salesforce data such as emails, contacts, events, and tasks.

The following functions are open to you:

  • automated collection of sales and messages information from Gmail;
  • permission to share data about your Salesforce records;

All contacts and tasks will immediately be in the right place and at the right time.

9. Salesforce Bulk Editor

Salesforce Mass Editor is a Chrome extension that allows you to turn any presented Salesforce list into a powerful mass editor. You can also export selected record data to a CSV file.

How it works:

  • bulk insert, clone, update, and delete;
  • copying and pasting from an Excel spreadsheet with multiple rows and single-cell data.

No longer needed and irrelevant information will not prevent you from concentrating on important tasks.

10. Improve the Salesforce Dashboard

Enhance Salesforce Dashboard lets you get the information you need in real-time

Why this extension is so necessary:

  • increase panel columns from 3 columns (default) to 7 columns;
  • it is possible to independently set the frequency or duration of auto-updates at the request of the user.

Reminders and notifications will become available as soon as you download the add-on to your browser.

Popular questions about Salesforce Chrome Extensions

1. What do I need to install the Salesforce extension?

You need to go to the Chrome browser, find the desired extension and click “Add to Chrome”

2. How do I use Salesforce Extensions for Sales?

Each chrome extension for salesforce will have completely different instructions on how to use it. For the Revenue Grid, you have the ability to access the document to learn how to use it.

3. Does Salesforce have a Chrome browser extension?

Yes, such an extension exists. It is possible to integrate Salesforce with Gmail, and there is also an Inbox extension for Chrome.

Summing up

To find out how you can improve your sales team’s productivity, you can try the extensions you learned about today and see how they can help you be more productive.