The creators of the Dying Light video games have released their new Dying Light: The following – Enhanced Edition, which will cost $10,000,000 and brings many other goodies.

Dying Light is an action survival game presented in first-person perspective and set in a vast and dangerous open world, as read on the game’s website.

Dying Light: The following - Enhanced Edition. Photo: WCCF Tech
Dying Light: The following – Enhanced Edition. Photo: WCCF Tech

The new not-so-economical edition of the Dying Light game might be the best creation ever for its fans, especially if they are actors and actresses. Techland, the developers of the game have partnered with GAME UK to offer gamers and actors a really special edition that grants them a role in the upcoming Dying Light: The Movie.

“Techland together with GAME UK are offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for everyone who has ever dreamed of landing their own role in a full feature film, without having to go through the hard work of things such castings and auditions. By purchasing The Spotlight Edition of Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition one person can become an integral part of Dying Light’s move to the big screen,” the developers say in their press release.

A previous edition the Dying Light: My Apocalypse Edition costs roughly $380,000. This new limited edition of the game is the most expensive ever made. It also brings many other goodies such as acting lessons, makeup sessions, four copies of the game, and more.

This is what you will get

For many, the price of the game seems ridiculous, but if we check at all the goodies, the offer now seems a little bit more worth it. Here is a list provided by Techaeris with all the goodies received at purchase:

  • Supporting Role in Dying Light: The Movie — Become an integral part of Dying Light’s move to the silver screen! Participate in action scenes and deliver lines with an international cast of actors.
  • Screening Tour — VIP passes, first-class flights and five-star accommodation for every film festival and special screening featuring Dying Light: The Movie.
  • Professional Acting Lessons with Roger Craig Smith — The voice of Dying Light’s Kyle Crane and one of the most talented and prolific videogame voice actor will make sure your delivery creates a powerful and lasting impression.
  • Personal Trailer on Set — Enjoy the luxury you deserve. Custom-made, personal trailer to make your time on set as comfortable as humanly possible. Luxury amenities, 3-star chef catering and 24/7 service included.
  • 10 VIP Tickets for Opening Night — Share your moment of success with family and friends.
  • Original Copy of the Script — A lasting memento, signed by the cast.
  • Stuntman/Parkour Training — Show everyone your best during action sequences thanks to a professional and extensive course OR leave the taste of danger to a personal stunt double.
  • Off-road Driving Course — Join the high-octane action of Dying Light: The Movie driving sequences. And you get to keep your favorite car from training!
  • FX Make-up Session — Become the sensation of any party by turning into a gruesome zombie thanks to the help of a professional makeup artist.
  • Become the Voice of Kyle Crane — Relive the outbreak in Harran in a much more personal manner! Kyle Crane will now speak with your voice in a personalized version of Dying Light which you can share with your friends!
  • 4 Copies of Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition — Signed by the dev team, for the platform system of your choice

Sources: Techaeris