Two of Taylor Swift’s social media sites have been hacked. Instagram and Twitter were broken into and now it appears there is a threat of nude photos being released to the public. However, unlike many other mega stars whose accounts have been hacked, Swift is taking a somewhat different approach in dealing with the situation.

Rather than feel threatened after the hacker stated nude photos of the singer would be released, she wrote back saying “You got NOTHING hackers” because she knows that such photos are nonexistent.

On Twitter, the hacker used Swift’s account to post a message that read “go follow my boy @lizzard”, followed by another posting that appeared to be a shout out to a user, @veriuser. Immediately, Swift’s friends and fans recognized that something was not right after someone proclaimed to be the “leader of the lizard squad”.

Within 15 minutes of the Twitter account being breached, all of the tweets were deleted. However, along with Twitter, Swift’s Instagram account was also hacked. She quickly took control of things in that case as well and personally thanking Hayley Williams, Paramore singer, for being the first person to notify her that the account was hacked.

Unfortunately, after getting both her Twitter and Instagram accounts back under her control, user @lizzard posted a more threatening message that said if Swift made a payment using the online payment system Bitcoin, nude photos of the singer would not be released. Since that posting, Twitter suspended that hacker’s account.

Not finished getting her own two cents worth in, Swift took to her Tumblr account posting #Hackers gonna hack hack hack hack hack.” She added a PS that said there was no way to post nude photos because there were none. Swift also posted “Psssh…you’d love that wouldn’t you? Have fun photo shopping cause you got NOTHING”.

Although her Twitter account was hacked, the company deleted all offensive tweets. Twitter is also locking Swift’s account until an investigation into the hacking can be completed. Summing up the experience of having not one but two different social media accounts hacked, Swift wrote “never a dull moment”, followed up by “now Instragram…this is going to be a long day”.

While there have not been any nude photos released, the hackers did leak some of Swift’s DMs from Twitter, one in particular that was between her and Nick Jonas in which she asks him if they are bad kids now.

Reportedly, the group that hacked Swift’s two social media sites is claiming to be the same group responsible for the Xbox Live and Sony Playstation breach last year. This same group also claimed to be responsible for shutting down Instagram and Facebook temporarily this week.