Target, the discount retailer, has sliced its minimum purchase online for free shipping in half to just $25, as online sales become a larger and larger sales hub for the retailer.

The new minimum is aimed at competitors such as and Walmart, as both have higher minimums for regular purchases.

The available free shipping is for all orders online coming from inside the continental U.S. or a military postal facility. The company said handling fees might apply on certain orders.

Target started offering the free shipping for orders on worth $50 or more during June of 2014 and free shipping was offered on all items during the most recent holiday shopping period.

Target is also providing free shipping for most online purchases for those who participate in its loyalty program REDcard.

Amazon gives free shipping in the United States for certain items when the total value is over $35, for those that do not have the Prime membership that offers free shipping.

Customers that order over $50 in merchandise from Walmart’s online store receive free shipping if they can wait up to eight days for their delivery.

Walmart and Target also give their customers the option of having orders delivered to their stores at no charge.

Amazon Prime members can receive free shipping on a number of items, as can members of if the orders are big enough. Those types of programs are ones that charge annual memberships fees.

Target has been trying to win customers back since its data breach in 2013 in which hackers were able to steal millions of debit and credit card records. The reputation of Target took a big hit and the company has a number of lawsuits it is facing from financial institutes and consumers.

In January, the company announced it would close its entire chain of 133 Canada stores due to losing money. The company said it expected to take a charge during the fourth quarter of more than $5.4 billion related to the closings.