Today, Tag Heuer released a model of Android Wear Connected smartwatch going by the cost of $1500. The product was created in a partnership with Intel and Google.

The watch’s design takes a different turn when compared to the Apple Watch and other smartwatch devices, since at first glance it resembles Tag Heuer’s more classic, mechanical clocks from its Carrera collection. The product presents three digital faces; chronograph, three-hand, and GMT dials which include hands, date window, minute track, index and counters.

The device comes in black, pearl white or blue, and it includes a sunburst effect when placed under the light. It also features three on-screen gadgets, placed at 12, 6 and 9 o’clock, that allow users to access their set-up information, such as the number of steps, calories burned and miles run — owners can tap on either of the gadgets in case they wish to expand the information on a particular data. They mimic this process as well with the rest of the clock’s features, such as the alarm, timer and stopwatch.

TAG Heuer Connected will ship with special applications including GolfShot Pro, RaceChrono Pro, Insiders and Viewrangers. Credit: Techno Buffalo

It also allows a series of customized apps, such as Google, which can be used via voice command. The device possesses a day-lasting battery up to 30 hours, a dual-core Intel processor with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of local flash storage. It ‘s additionally made to be water-proof.

The Connected smartwatch can be synchronized with cell phones running either Android 4.3 or above, or iOS 8.2 or below; which grants users a full experience with Wi-Fi, audio streaming and Bluetooth.

“Google strives to give you the right information, at exactly the right time and place. Android is how we bring this helpful experience to many of the world’s devices. Tag Heuer Connected, powered by Android Wear, is a luxury watch that’s beautiful and incredibly useful,” said David Singleton, Android’s vice president of engineering.

There are always, of course, some negative details customers find when reviewing the product. One of those is the lack of GPS for such high-tech device, as well as the less noticeable lack of speakers, which limit the interactions with the watch to the sense of touch. Some also comment that the product — for its digital nature — will soon become obsolete.

The $1500 package will include the watch along with a titanium case and a textured strap, as well as a two years warranty period at the end of which buyers can choose to change their Connected smartwatch for the mechanical Carrera model.

For all of its features, Jean-Claude Biver, the company’s CEO, goes as far as to assure their watch gives users the means to not only ‘connect to the future’, but to ‘connect to eternity’ as well.

Source: International Business Times.