American reviewers were recently able to play a demo Super Mario Odyssey, and they say it will be as awesome as Nintendo promised their fanatics. Most of them left us something very clear: the game is built to make us feel really old. It will bring back the best qualities from the games of the first Nintendo consoles, but it will also come with the most recent features. Mario will jump, punch, and run – of course, but for the first time, he will copy his enemies forms and abilities with the help of Cappy, his new hat.

Nintendo has been increasing its popularity this year since the announcement of its newest console: the Nintendo Switch. At the beginning of the year, the Japanese company let us know about two of the most expected video games – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Super Mario Odyssey. This last game, which will be released this October 27, has promised fanatics to be extremely revolutionary. However, it seems to be also very similar to two of the first Mario games: Super Mario Bros (SNES), and Super Mario 64.

Image credit: Vida Extra
Image credit: Vida Extra

One of the first trailers Nintendo bought us about Super Mario Odyssey caught the attention of many users in social media because one of the stages seemed to be a very famous zone in New York City: Manhattan. This is the first time that Nintendo offers an area of an actual existing metropolis in a Mario game, and it did it showing the impressive new abilities of the older “Mario brother.”

Some reviewers assure that Nintendo didn’t make the game similar to the latest 3D Mario games – Galaxies 2 and 3D World. In fact, it seems that the Japanese video-game company went way back and brought us the best features of the first Mario Galaxy, or even Mario Sunshine. Nintendo wants to enter into the deepest of our memories and evoke a genuine feeling of nostalgia, but always to create the newest and most exceptional experiences – satisfying the oldest fans and catching beginners.

The newest of Super Mario Odyssey

Although the game might be very similar to the previous ones, it also will come with entirely new features. It introduces new powers and customizable outfits and locates Mario into strange new worlds. The environments are wider and more complex than before, ready to offer the users a lot to discover. This turns upside-down the previous Mario Galaxy games, whose worlds felt totally closed and non-expansible – of course, most of them were just spheres representing little planets.

Image credit: Nintendo / Polygon
Image credit: Nintendo / Polygon

The game also introduces something never seen before: Cappy, the magical hat Mario wears instead of the old lifeless red-hat with an “M” on its center. It seems to be pretty similar to Navi, the Link’s fairy that’s always by his side, joying him through his journey and basically indicating the gamer a few clues of what Link has to do next. However, unlike Link, Mario can throw Cappy, thus to capture their enemies and possess their bodies. This way the user can open new worlds and get new abilities.

Mario, as usual, can run and jump. However, now the previously-plumber can also roll like Sonic to get faster around the world and knock down his enemies with a simultaneous-attack.

As Nintendo’s previous versions, Mario will be able to talk to their friends and other characters present in front of him to let the user know what it needs to do. He will search pieces scattered throughout every level, which help to power the Odyssey, Mario’s airship. He also will continue looking for coins, which will let the gamer buy outfits – some of them, like the chef outfit, unlock new stages.

Source: Engadget