Nintendo has released a very crucial information for video games fanatics, and one of the Mario Bros is involved.

The Japanese character Mario Bros -one of the most celebrated faces of Nintendo – has always created confusion within the public: about his personality, his roots, his nationality, his last name, and his current job. Fans have always believed that he’s a plumber when he is not rescuing Princess Peach or King Boo doesn’t trap him. However, according to Nintendo’s Japan website, he is not really a plumber. Or, at least, not anymore.

Image credit: TreceBits
Image credit: TreceBits

The public has always thought that Mario is an Italian plumber with Mexican features, who’s always performing admirable actions to save his world and his beloved friends. However, written in Japanese, Nintendo has cleared more about what Mario likes, what he does on his free time, who he loves, his skills, and his abilities for when the time to battle Bowser comes.

It seems that Mario is currently unemployed, or maybe a freelancer

“Actually, long ago it seems he (Mario) used to work as a plumber too…” Told Nintendo on his Japanese website.

This left many expectations and doubts about what Mario does for a living. When Mario first appeared in a Donkey Kong game, fanatics believed he was a carpenter since the game took place in a construction. However, people later thought that he was a plumber because he is always traveling and taking shortcuts through pipes. It seems that he manages his time very well after all the games that show him as an excellent fighter, sports player, and such a hero.

The Japanese company also assures that Mario is really “cheerful, popular, and loved by everybody.”

Finally, an explanation of Mario from Nintendo

Nintendo also confirmed something that was quite obvious for the fans:

“He (Mario) is really close to his younger twin brother Luigi, the other half of the famous duo,” they said.

Luigi – Mario’s taller and thinner brother, who is nervous and scared – has also been shown as a hero. In Luigi’s Mansion (2001), it was him who saved Mario from the leader of the ghosts inside the scary Mansion, King Boo.

Image credit: PasandoDato
Image credit: PasandoDato

The “athletic” Mario is also into many sports. Nintendo has created many Mario sport games, such as Mario Golf (1999), Mario Power Tennis (2004), Super Mario Strikes (2005), Mario Hoops 3-on-3 (2006), Mario Strikes Charged (2007), Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (2007), Mario Super Sluggers (2008), Mario Sports Mix (2010), Mario Sports Superstars (2017). And, of course, one of the most famous of Mario games, Mario Kart – which Nintendo has launched many of them since 1996.

The Japanese company also assured Mario would do anything for his Princess, Peach. In many of his adventures games, his goal is to save the Princess and defeat his captor and antagonist, the big dinosaur that spits fire and has a shelter full of spikes: Bowser, or King Koopa.

“He (Mario) loves Princess Peach, so whenever she gets into trouble, he’s ready to spring into action and save her. With his skillful jumping and power-ups, he puts a stop to Bowser’s evil plans,” Nintendo wrote.

Source: GameZone