According to a study, China is facing 2.8 million deaths only in 2015, with lung cancer crowning the top of the list of cancer cases.

A group of scientists from the National Cancer Center of Beijing, American Cancer Society and University of Sydney, published a study at a US medical Journal named CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, that reflected an estimate of 2.8 million deaths of lung cancer in 2015, meaning 7500 deaths daily and making lung cancer the most common type of cancer in China. According to Dr. Wanqing Chen, leader of the research, air pollution might be the main cause of lung cancer but their relation still is to be decided.

Photo: BBC UK
Photo: BBC UK

“Cancer incidence and mortality have been increasing in China, making cancer the leading cause of death since 2010 and a major public health problem in the country,” wrote the researchers, who also estimated a 4.3 million diagnosed cases of other types of cancer, which represents a reception of 12.000 cases daily. These numbers are marking a sharp difference compared to the estimates of 2013, that reflected 3.12 million diagnosed cases and 2 million deaths during the year.

Studies reflected that the four most common types of cancer were: lung, stomach, colorectal and esophageal, representing 57 percent of all cancers diagnosed in the country. And separately, the most common types of cancer for men and women were: liver and breast respectively.

These estimates are based on data trend collected from 72 local places, such as hospitals, community health centers, vital statistics and the Civil Administration Bureau, but are not actual numbers. However, the do provide a closer look to a main health problem in China.

Now, looking at the bright side, mortality rates of cancer cases have decreased significantly. A good trend in the study shows that about 21 percent of deaths of cancer have decreased since 2006. Dr. Chen also said “China’s emphasis on smoking control is a good sign to prevent such deads”. Unhealthy habits and behaviors like smoking can be helpful to prevent any type of cancer.

Source: Medical Daily