The 22-year-old YouTuber Logan Paul shook the audience again when he posted a video electrocuting a couple of rats that showed up in his house, then proceeded to throw them into a trash can, and electrocuted them again in the name of being funny.

The YouTuber also wrote on Twitter a statement in which he claimed he would swallow one tide-pot for every retweet his tweet got. This addressed the 2018 dangerous trend that involved young people swallowing the detergent as a challenge.

YouTube, one day after Paul released the rat-teasing video, didn’t hesitate to set new guidelines and imply more strict sanctions regarding monetizing YouTubers’ videos. The platform is desperate to keep its content advertiser-friendly and minimize the offensive-based videos.

Stronger sanctions

Google released his Advertiser-Friendly Content Guidelines the day after Logan Paul posted the video. In this document, they explain that the videos uploaded to the YouTube platform must adhere to the AdSense Program Policies. These policies include precepts like avoiding adult, offensive or race intolerant content, just as any abusive experience.

Among the policies, there is also a section that includes the protection of the advertisers, and the Ad-friendly guidelines explain:

“We aren’t telling you what to create — each and every creator on YouTube is unique and contributes to the vibrancy of YouTube. However, advertisers also have a choice about where to show their ads. As with everything related to YouTube, use your common sense, don’t abuse the site, and be respectful of others,” the guidelines read.

Logan Paul video of rats being electrocuted, Logan Paul uploads video on Youtube of Japanese suicide, New guidelines for kids-friendly content
Paul had already upset worldwide people after inappropriate content. Image credit: Rex/Shutterstock

The recommendations YouTube tries to implement are, according to the platform, the right method to keep a growing audience. They understand the video library as a comprehensive, diverse set of creators and a company where various audiences connect.

The sanctions take place when the content created by a YouTuber member of the Partner Program violates the regulations mentioned above and still opts for monetizing the material by turning on the ads on the video uploaded.

Youtube clarifies that the creator can turn off the ads on individual videos and opt out of monetization if the content is not advertiser-friendly. He or she would be still able to remain in the Youtube Partner Program.

According to the platform, the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is a method originated to let the creators monetize their content. An advertisement placed on videos is the most common mechanism to earn money, alongside YouTube Red, a paid streaming exclusive subscription service.

Logan Paul loses credibility and support

While Paul’s video and his tweet condoning dangerous challenges shocked and offended users from YouTube and Twitter, it is not the first time his content means a problem for the platforms.

On December, the YouTuber uploaded a video of a trip to a particular Japanese forest, known for the several suicides that generally take place in it. He filmed himself and his group of friends’ reaction when they found a person suffocating. The video was profoundly rejected as the group didn’t seem to respect such a sensitive issue.

Logan Paul video of rats being electrocuted, Logan Paul uploads video on Youtube of Japanese suicide, New guidelines for kids-friendly content
YouTube wants kids-friendly content after parents’ concerns. Image credit: Securly

Paul also uploaded videos of him and his friends pranking people around Japan. Fortunately, several users realized that his actions were insulting to the traditions and manners of the country. The creator was even kicked out and banned from places around the Asian country.

The content uploaded on December led the video platform to take Logan Paul out of the “preferred program” (creators that are advertised on YouTube on a higher level than usual). They also canceled Paul’s film-project that would launch the YouTuber’s premium Red Service.

The recent scene didn’t depict a bright outcome either. Not only the ads added on Paul’s rat-killing video were suspended but in his whole channel content. YouTube also made a decision, which means an awful sentence for the young creator:

“We may remove a channel’s eligibility to be recommended on YouTube, such as appearing on our home page, trending tab or watch next.”

Affecting other users

Since the last complications the platform went through in December, thanks to the same Logan, several YouTubers decided to raise their voices to address the situation and how it was affecting everyone. One of the channels that gave a profound and comprehensive opinion was the Eh Bee Family.

Logan Paul video of rats being electrocuted, Logan Paul uploads video on Youtube of Japanese suicide, New guidelines for kids-friendly content
A significant part of Paul’s target is kids. Image credit: Phil McCarten / Reuters

In their first video addressing Logan Paul’s behavior, the “Eh Bee” parents explained that the young user was affecting kids in a wrong way by misusing the video platform, which is a very delicate subject. Paul decided to address an apology when the rage surrounding the issue became huge.

Nevertheless, Paul’s followers and other YouTubers, along with the platform as well, decided to give him another chance. However, he disappointed them again, meaning now a bigger conflict to YouTube.

The platform tries to keep the videos that are flagged every day by a professional sight. However, more content – including offensive and sensitive material – is uploaded daily. Fortunately, this means that new mechanisms are also being developed to fight the issue.

Source: USA Today