In our modern era, the sheer volume of technology that we have available to us is nearly mind-boggling. And it wasn’t too long ago when many of the technological benefits that we often take for granted today were the stuff of science fiction.

Streaming in 2022: Breaking Down the Basics and Benefits of Sideloading
Jametlene Reskp

For example, today we have so many options just on our smartphones alone. In fact, you can even use your smartphone for gaming when you’re not at home in front of your Xbox. But we also have much more at our fingertips than ever before.

In 2022, streaming has become the preferred way to watch TV and movies in the comfort of home. And while some streaming devices such as Roku use closed software systems, others are open-source, and this means that you can sideload your devices with many different apps and tools.

But what exactly is sideloading and what are the benefits? In the following, we’ll discuss these questions.

What is Sideloading?

In official terms, sideloading is simply the process of transferring files between two devices. However, in popular parlance, sideloading typically refers to installing apps acquired from 3rd-party sources instead of obtaining them from an official retailer.

Today, sideloading is also referred to as jailbreaking. And this term simply means that you’re allowing your device to utilize apps that aren’t yet available or already installed on your device.

Benefits of Sideloading Your Device

All in all, sideloading your device basically enhances your accessibility. And since many apps and media companies are at odds with one another, or indirect competition, some apps and features are only available on certain devices. But with a device such as Amazon Fire Stick, you’re able to sideload and enhance your entertainment experience.

For example, back in 2019, you couldn’t access YouTube on your Firestick. Correspondingly, you also couldn’t access Prime Video on Chromecast, and this was simply because Google and Amazon were in a competitive battle.

With sideloading, it doesn’t matter what the big tech giants are squabbling about because you’re able to work around those problems by sideloading those apps without having to purchase a separate device.

As of 2022, the restrictions on the aforementioned devices have been removed. However, in the future, if another tech battle arises, sideloading allows you to circumvent those restrictions.

You Can Access Different Browsers

With sideloading, you can also access different browsers that may not be available on your device. And this opens the door to a much more enhanced entertainment experience.

For example, with a Kodi installation, you can sideload just about any app that you’re able to find online and customize your entertainment experience in many different ways. You can even use such apps as a central entertainment hub, allowing you to stream all of your favorite movies, TV shows, games, videos, pictures, and anything else you like.

When you’re able to access different browsers, you’re also able to access different forms of media and apps that aren’t natively available on your device. And this is why sideloading the Firestick is so popular in 2022.

When cutting the cord became a trend, many users saw the benefit of taking full control of their entertainment experience. And as more streaming sites are coming out, sideloading has become an effective way to keep all of your entertainment choices centrally located instead of having a basket full of different remotes, or toggling between 20 different app screens.

Entertainment has changed across the world. And today, it’s nearly unrecognizable when compared to the entertainment choices during the early 2000s era. But as our technology improves and big tech developers produce new ways to view media, you can count on new trends to develop in the consumer sector. As such, sideloading is always going to be a preferred option.