Earlier this week, Microsoft Executive Phil Spencer celebrated the launch of Minecraft for the new game console, the Switch. This is very strange because The Switch is Nintendo’s new product and it is Microsoft’s rival on the market.

Certainly, Microsoft has the ownership over Minecraft, but it is very strange that Microsoft makes publicity of the game even if the competition launches it. That is exactly what Phil Spencer did on Twitter. Maybe the game and Nintendo’s console are so good that he couldn’t resist it, or maybe he thinks that doing that cannot affect the sales of Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Image credit: Gameranx
Image credit: Gameranx

“Minecraft is a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch” tweeted Phil Spencer.

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition

Minecraft was designed by Markus Notch Persson, and it was developed by Mojang. The game enables players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D world. Players have to place and break blocks. The game also includes exploration, crafting, and combat.

There is a lot of freedom for the player in the game, for there are no specific goals to accomplish. By default, the gamer plays in the first person, but they can also choose to play in a third party modality. There are different gameplay modes such as survival mode, which impulses players to acquire materials to stay alive; spectator mode, in which users can go around but cannot change the blocks; creative mode, where players have unlimited resources to build things; and the adventure mode that allows players to use maps created by other players.

Microsoft acquired Minecraft for its console. However, Nintendo is now acquiring it too for the new Switch console. People can buy the new Minecraft for Nintendo Switch on May 11.

The game is also available on the iPhone, Android, tablets, PC, iMac and Sony’s PlayStation 4. It was also available in another Nintendo’s platform, the Wii U console. All of this is thanks to Microsoft.

Why is Microsoft promoting Nintendo’s console?

Typically, consumers buy a new console just to play popular games that come with it. Therefore, console makers try to have great games and try to be the only ones with exclusive rights to them so that they can increase the sale of their consoles and products. For example, Microsoft owns “Halo,” “Gears of War” and other games, which are only available for Microsoft’s Xbox or the computers with its operating system, Windows. If people want these games, they feel compelled to buy them from Microsoft.

If that is the rational behavior of console makers, then, it is incredibly weird that the responsible for sales in Microsoft is promoting and celebrating its competitor’s new launch in detriment of the Xbox One.

Image credit: Polygon
Image credit: Polygon

However, it is important to know that this situation is not entirely new. Ever since Microsoft acquired Minecraft (in 2014), the company has supported the game unconditionally on different platforms that are not under the company’s control.

Therefore, maybe Microsoft only wants to promote the success and legacy of the popular game, since you can play Minecraft in a wide range of devices. Then, we can see this move as good market strategy.

What to expect from the Switch Edition

Everyone is talking about The Switch console, and it might be changing the way consoles work in the future.

“We have a tremendous relationship with Nintendo and have done for many, many years and are excited by the fact that they have come out very strong and are bringing in a whole new player base into the ecosystem. We continue to be bullish on it and are looking at other titles that we might bring to the Switch.” Said EA CEO, Andrew Wilson, about the Nintendo’s console.

Some say that it might have the success of the Wii console, which increased developers’ desire to include their games in the console, but maybe it too soon to know. What is certain is that consoles are still running out in every single store. Game developers are apparently trying to have the best games to include them in this new Nintendo’s product.

The Nintendo Switch can be easily taken on a car trip or flight, or even in the schoolyard.

As for the new “Minecraft” edition for The Switch, some experts say that it has some fun features that include multiplayer mini-games, Battle and Tumble.  The game will render at 60fps only in 720p resolution. Additionally, if gamers connect the console to the TV, there will be able to use a split-screen mode for four users.

Users will have a lot of ways to customize their experience for this version will support skin packs, add-on worlds, and texture packs. The Minecraft Nintendo Switch edition will also include the Super Mario Mashup Pack that is a Mario-themed world.

There are some new worlds included in this version of the game, such as worlds inspired by the Chinese Mythology, Halloween, and Greek mythology.

Source: Business Insider