An expository essay is one that provides straightforward information about a particular topic or phenomenon. Imagine if your friend was to ask you about a specific piece of tech or school, and you are tasked with giving them relevant information about it. You need not have any persuasions or arguments, just information. However, that does not make it any simpler to write. To write a useful expository piece, you will need to spend time hitting the books and other research materials. In addition to research, here are some other guidelines to follow:

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Choose a topic

If you have not been given a topic, then you need to select one. Consider your audience, and then brainstorm a topic that will appeal to them. Choose a topic that you can quickly identify with to make the writing process enjoyable rather than cumbersome. You should also choose a specific, rather than general topic so that your research sphere is narrow and definite. Make sure you completely understand the topic before moving on to the next steps.

Carry out some research

To present accurate, clear facts about your subject, you need to obtain them from relevant materials. You can comb online sources, but be careful as these sources may not be credible.

Scribble your plan

Most people tend to have a shallow outline or leave it out altogether, leading to pointless, ill-structured essays. The plan or outline will guide you through the writing process to ensure you stick to the script. Plan a short but informative introduction. If you are most likely going to have a classic 5-paragraph essay, plan your body with five strong points, consisting of analysis and findings from your research. Finally, design your conclusion to summarize your information.

How to write your introduction

Your introduction is the most crucial part of your writing. It determines whether or not your reader will gain interest in your essay or leave it, so you need to have an attention-grabbing intro. Some great ways to have a catchy intro include starting with an interesting rhetorical question or dilemma, introducing your thesis statement effectively and having a statistic or exciting fact to hook your audience.

Build your essay’s body

Start every paragraph with a new idea, and explain it with supporting paragraphs. This is where you show that the facts you are presenting in every section are relevant to the topic. Write short, easy to read sentences. In an expository essay, you are advised to keep short forms, colloquial language, metaphors, and other epithets. You should also avoid literary devices like alliteration and assonance and wordy clichés.

Wrap it up

When writing your conclusion, you can paraphrase your thesis statement and add some perspective based on your analysis mentioned above. In an expository essay, you simply wrap up your essay with a strong summary of your interpretation of the subject matter. Finally, proofread your work thoroughly to remove typos and grammatical errors.


Expository essays are a great way to hone your skills in all kinds of academic writing. If you are overwhelmed with homework, essay writing services are readily available to assist. You can check out this UK essay help website for more information.