A college student that suffers from a movement disorder got a brand new Playstation DualShock 4 controller after sending a complaint email to  PS4’s company Sony.

Peter Byrne gamer and college student suffers from Cerebral Palsy (CP), which is a group of permanent movement disorders that appear in early childhood. Patients that suffer from CP tend to have poor coordination, stiff muscles, problems on the vision/hearing/speaking area.

College student Peter Byrne has cerebral palsy, and, as a result, has been having problems with his new DualShock 4 controller. Credit: International Business Times

Byrne wrote an email to Sony complaining about his new Playstation 4 DualShock controller, the gamer had trouble enjoying the console because of the controller’s touchpad. While playing Byrne’s left hand would accidentally hit the touchpad and paused the game.

After reaching to Playstation’s support, Byrne got in contact with employee Alex Nawabi, who messaged the college student to understand better the problems he was having with the controller.

After a series of email to email conversations, Nawabi told the gamer he wouldn’t be able to fix the inconvenience he was having with the DualShock 4, but the customer could expect a Playstation goodie box.

Byrne received a gift box from the company that contained a brand new DualShock 4 controller designed just for him, with an explanation letter from Nawabi.

“My apologies for the white lie I told you, I felt the surprise was too good to ruin. Inside is a controller I’ve specially modified for you, I’ve disabled the touchpad and rerouted the touchpad’s button to the back of the controller” Said the letter the employee wrote to Byrne.

Nawabi was able to create a controller that could adjust Byrne’s needs after 10+ hours of labor and 3 controllers for trial. By modifying the controller, the gamer will not be able to access warranty for the gift.

The employee explained he is expecting feedback on how the controller works, so he can build a new one in case the first gets damaged.

Byrne wrote an FB post in which he explained the situation and how grateful he was for the gift made for him. “He did more than I expected, I honestly can’t thank him enough for everything he did for me” Said Byrne.

Source: New Jersey News 12