On Tuesday, Snapchat announced the launch of a new feature for users to enjoy and create their on-demand ‘Geofilters’ on its platform.

Snapchat will let any user create custom stamps to add in order for other Snapchatters to see their current location. With the feature of full customization, Snapchat is reaching out to a much larger audience, as the geofilter will let users broadcast their own filters.

Users will be able to define up to 5 million square feet of broadcasting areas and the geofilters’ length can reach up to 30 days. As the company Snapchat doesn’t use tags or hashtags to announce users current locations, installing the new version would let people know your location through the on-demand geofilter.

Photo: Snapchat
Photo: Snapchat

For non-users, the app can provide overlays for the users’ images or videos based on their current location, with the help of GPS. The feature consists of creating a special stamp with the name of a place, business or event. The announcement was well received by other companies such as McDonald’s, due to a filter created by the fast food company advertising an all-day breakfast promotion.

The new version will have three easy steps in which the user can design, map and then buy the desired geofilter. First, the users can upload their favorite image editor to create the filter. The app provides a compatibility mode for Photoshop and Illustrator as well as pre-designed templates. Then users must select the range the geofilter will have by picking a ‘geofence,’ and then set up the geofilter availability. After the design and map of the customized filter is done, users must submit their creation for Snapchat to review it and finally publish it.

On-demand geofilters are available now in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, however, it’s expected to reach more locations soon. The app will also let users review much times have their geofilters been used and the individual ranking of the filter in the determined areas. While personal Geofilters can be used for fun between friends, holidays, or parties, geofilters can also help businesses promote their brands humorously.

The new feature on Snapchat’s app could also work as a new revenue model as the company charges a $5 fee for the on demand Geofilters. And as the previously introduce filters are quite popular amongst Snapchat users; it’s fair to assume this will mean a profitable year for the company. The app can also be beneficial for other companies, as a fun way to advertise their brand using Snapchat as their marketing platforms.

Source: The Business Insider