Fremont, California – A male suspect was briefly detained in Irvington this Wednesday afternoon. The subject opened fire as the traffic stop became a pursuit, where two officers resulted injured. One of the officers was confirmed shot while the other was hit purposefully by a moving vehicle.

Fremont police are investigating a major incident near Washington and Fremont boulevards in the Irvington area. Image courtesy of ABC7

The incident occurred at 1:33 p.m. as one of the officers was hit by a vehicle. It was notified by radio and the subject drove away to escape. Backup reached the scene and confrontation took place. The suspect fired upon the police officers, and another officer was hurt. The suspect then managed to escape on foot. The scene developed in Washington & Roberts.

Police believe there are two suspects. One was described as 6-foot tall, Hispanic, having shaved head and wearing a Giants jersey. Authorities are yet to find them, so they issued a shelter-in-place order for everyone living in the proximity of Irvington District. A search for the suspects occurred on Roberts Avenue. One was found, and shots were fired, wounding a second officer in the events. Both officers underwent surgery. One lies in critical condition while the other is stable.

According to an employee of 3902 Washington Boulevard’s Safeway, she saw a man with a bloody shirt running through the store. There were streets and avenues with barricades put by the police to close down the proximity and find the suspect. The first media briefing occurred just a couple of hours ago; more information is expected to be released as the search develops.

There is no information concerning district-wide lockdowns due to the size of the search perimeter. Police suggest calling schools and daycares to obtain accurate information.

Source: Fremont P.D.