Hollywood actor Shia LaBeouf married actress and model Mia Goth at the Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel on Monday. The event was streamed online on TMZ and included an Elvis Presley impersonator, who arrived with the bride in a bright pink Cadillac and also served as the wedding officiate.

Mia told reporters they had chosen Las Vegas because it was “the perfect story” for them. The 23-year-old English actress said they didn’t know where they would be going on Honeymoon, according to OK! Magazine. The Daily Mail reported that a few friends and their mothers attended the ceremony. A woman dressed in Hawaiian garb was also there to witness the particular nuptials.

Shia LabeOuf marries Mia Goth in Las Vegas
“With this ring; I thee wed. With a prayer; that our love grows stronger; through the passing years,” Shia told Mia. Image credit: Reuters.

The “Elvis Blue Hawaii package” cost $700 and included three songs performed by the Elvis-impersonating minister, as well as one dancer and music, decorations, and a wedding video. It also came with lightning and fog machines, online invitations, ten ceremony photo prints, and a round-trip limousine ride to and from the Strip, according to the Daily Mail. Additionally, there was a six-rouse bouquet for Mia and a matching boutonniere for Shia.

The 30-year-old Transformers star, who wore a smart black suit with white buttonhole, then laughed and vowed to do whatever Mia asked him to.
Dressed in a short crocheted long-sleeved white gown, the make-up-free bride donned a lace veil over her hair and said: “I give you this ring; as a token and pledge; of our vows to each other; praying that our love; shall never fade.”

With a smile, she then said she would do whatever she wanted. The pair also promised to love each other “like a hunka burning love,” adopt one another’s hound dogs, and not to wear their blue shoes in the rain. They didn’t forget to mention they would be “one another’s teddy bear.”

A normal relationship with ups and downs

The couple met and fell in love while filming the controversial 2012 movie Nymphomaniac: Vol. II in 2012. They have been dating for four years, and Mia started to wear a large diamond ring on her third finger back in March 2015. But later in July, they were spotted fighting in a German street.

Shia reportedly tried to leave to go to the airport, but the English actress took his backpack as a way to ask him to stay. Then it was rumored they had split and were not seen together for two months. Later in November they reunited and everything indicated they were back together.

Mia was born in Southwark, London, and lived in Brazil as a young girl before she established in the British capital at the age of 12. Her husband’s fame began when he played Louis Stevens on the Disney Channel series Even Stevens at the age of 14. Before he met Mia, the actor dated Carey Mulligan, another English actress who worked with him in Oliver Stone’s 2010 film Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.

Source: The Daily Mail